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High Memory usage!

  • I wanted to look at the post that is already in the forum, but when I click on the search at top and find it, I click on it and nothing happens. Therefore, I don't know if there were any answers. I am noticing even more memory usage with Opera than with Chrome or Firefox. Is there something that can be done to help this. For work, I constantly have 8 webpages open at a time. One of them I have to open in the Horrific Internet Explorer because Opera loads it way toooo slow. It's an internal page with my company, and for some reason every other browser loads it very quickly, except for Opera. Currently with 12 tabs open, Opera is using 1.2 gig of memory.

  • Check Opera's task manager to see what is using so much memory.

  • I reckon the more 'extensions' you have enabled in Opera the worse your memory usage will be.
    at least that's what I've found out since extensions were introduced.
    I've got to the stage whereby they remain 'disabled' if I don't use them on a regular basis.

  • @leocg Would've been useful to tell us how to check Opera's task manager!

    Found the key sequence thanks "shift+esc" keys.

    I too have been having "out of memory errors" since about the last 2 updates!
    I have turned off my extensions and I will monitor from here going forward Mar 26,2019.

  • Just clear your cache and history first and try again.

  • I'm sorry, but this is [shouting removed] I have had one instance of Opera open with 3 tabs, and have seen 21 opera instances running in Task Manager, taking up almost 2.5 gigabytes of RAM!!! There is [Shouting removed] to use this much memory. It has been so bad at times, I have to forcibly shut my computer down! Please fix this!!!

  • I'll just add a little snippet from Opera Task manager. !opera has become a memory hog.JPG
    One of the main reasons I started using this browser was its ability to frugally manage resources. Times are a changin'...♪♫
    Looks like it's time to go back to Firefox or try some of the smaller browser projects.
    Like IE 11. 🤩

  • I just removed Opera from my computer. A stated before, with only opera running with 3 tabs, it consumed almost 3 gig of RAM and 90% of my CPU time. This is ridiculous. It's unusable, therefore I removed it.

  • I think you guys are right - Opera used to be ground breaking, now it is notchy, hogs resources long after you have closed it down, and ignores settings with thing like the Bookmark bar appearing even though you have swiiched it off.
    There was a time when developers responded to reports of such bugs, but now they appear to have moved on to other things and they lie unresolved.
    I think that now is the time to follow their lead. Computer Active Magazine recently had it in their list of apps you should replace, suggesting Vivaldi, (created by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, one of the Opera co-founders, in the days before it was sold to the Chinese and started its long decline).
    I'm becoming increasingly impressed with this alternative and gradually switching over.

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