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Re-importing bookmarks from older Opera

  • I'm running both 12.7 and 21 (later one from version 18) and I have imported bookmarks from version 12 to bookmarks bar, though I don't remember how I did it 🙂 Problem is - new Opera still doesn't use Opera Link as I'm aware of and I want to import some new bookmark folder with new bookmarks into version 21 (basically to synchronize them with older version). I just don't see a way to do it - When I go into Bookmark Importer, there are same those bookmarks that I have imported in the begining and no (visible) way to add new ones or re-read bookmarks from older version.

    Any clue (and easy/simple way to do it)? I'll look into other possibilities for syncing than Opera Link, but I just want to keep things simple.

  • You must have had more than one version of 12 installed (as in, 32-bit and 64-bit) - as 21 is only 32-bit, it will default to the 32-bit folder. You could force it to use the 64-bit profile directory, though doing so would erase everything in your Opera 21 profile. Or you can copy the files from your 64-bit version to your 32-bit version so 21 can find them.

  • Sorry but I haven't understood much 🙂 My PC and everything on it is 32-bit one. Operas are installed in different folders and have different folders created in ..\Application Data - Opera and Opera Software where they keep their bits and pieces. Different versions have bookmark files with different structure, like 12 has bookmarks.adr and it's differently structured inside than 21's Bookmarks. First one is more like "plain text" file while other one like some programming or xml type.

  • Youll need to use an extension or add the pages manually on Opera 21. The bookmark importer in Opera Blink is a one time feature and doesnt allow adding new bookmarks afaik.

  • It's not that hard. Just export the folder from Opera 12 as HTML and open that file in Opera 22. Then add each link to your bookmarks.

  • The bookmark importer in Opera Blink is a one time feature and doesnt allow adding new bookmarks afaik.

    Not certain myself, but I know that if it will allow you to add new bookmarks they will not be in a folder. You can't re-import the folder (at least, without deleting the old one first) and if you import any bookmarks singly they appear in the QAB directly and not in a folder (so you'd still have to drag them to the correct folder). If space on your QAB is already tight, @pesala probably has the best suggestion.