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Different Search Engines in The Start Page - Multi Copy - Gmail in the Sidebar - Anything to Sidebar - Built in Torrent Client

  • Some really useful features for Opera in my opinion 🙂

    Search Engine in The Start Page

    Its not the most useful feature that could be added since you can switch search engines in the address bar (temporarily and permanently) but if there is a Google search bar why not giving the option to change ?

    From Google :
    0_1551224040920_Capture d’écran 2019-02-26 à 23.28.56.png

    To duckduckgo :

    Multi Copy

    It can always come in handy to be able to select various words/segments of text, such features could be implemented in the pop-up selection tool.


    Clicking on Multi Copy make us able to make multis selections, the pop-up selection tool would use all the text selected for the use of search, copy, send to my flow and share


    A blue or green line at the right of multi copy could tell when the function is activated or not.

    Gmail in The Sidebar

    This would be a really sweet feature if done well, saving lot of time like everything that could go in the sidebar.


    A website in the sidebar would be like using the toggle device option of the developper toolbox, even if the android app version of Gmail in the opera sidebar look really great in my opinion.

    So simulating mobile device websites can make us able to :

    Put theoretically Everything in The Sidebar

    Adding Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Spotify or just anything we want in a mobile experience way, from streaming media to editing a google document. Its a great feature because even if those task can be made in a tab they are still less intrusive and appearance intensive in the sidebar. And such feature could maybe consume less cpu. Try looking at a website mobile mode and look at the result 🙂 (Developer Menu -> Developer Tools -> 2nd option Top left Corner or cmd + maj + M on mac) , it would be the same but in a toolbar.

    Built In Torrent Client

    A complex feature, but since every browser have a download manager why not integrating a torrent one ? This would be extremely useful alongside the Vpn client.


    Something in the sidebar would look really practical, but it could also be alongside the download button.

    0_1551224999229_Capture d’écran 2019-02-27 à 00.49.42.png

    Do you like those ideas 🙂 ?

  • It is recommended you use one request per topic, so people don't have to say "I like this idea but not that one".

  • @alexgrover I also support the @sgunhouse to describe proposals on separate topics. But my opinion on these proposals is this:

    • Search Engine in The Start Page - yes.
    • Multi Copy - I'm not sure if it is possible to implement. I have not seen multi-copying at any program related to the text (web browser or eg text editor)
    • Gmail in The Sidebar - yes. Only to be able to change your Gmail account.
    • Put theoretically Everything in The Sidebar - can discuss the addition of a specific site and not throw everything into one bag?
    • Built In Torrent Client - no.
  • @sgunhouse Sorry for the inconvenience, from now on i will make sure to do as you say.

    @jojo0587 thanks for your opinion.

    "can discuss the addition of a specific site and not throw everything into one bag?" I may be wrong but i think it would be missing an opportunity to not let users add the sites they want to the sidebar, waiting for the addition of a new site is tedious for the users and also for the dev, Vivaldi is currently doing it and it seems to go well.