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  • Opera 50.2.2426.136249

    Settings: Everything disabled except "Ad blocking", "Force enable zoom" and "Block pop-ups".

    Phone: Redmi Note 5

    Android version: 8.1.0

    MIUI version: MIUI Global 10.2 Stable

    Problem: I constantly get these annoying notifications (red circle with a number in it) even though I have set all notifications to off and when I open Opera there's nothing to actually show me.

    I want the notifications GONE or I will remove Opera.

    Who can help?

  • Where do you see them? They probably aren't real notifications.

  • 0_1550706853225_annoyingnotifications.jpg

  • Did you disable both news and Opera's notifications? What about sites notifications?

  • Alternatively, you could just exit Opera when you're not using it. Note that exiting does close all open tabs, meaning the browser will not continue from where you were next time you start it, but it will not be running in the background and therefore won't post any notifications. Personally I just disabled notifications and leave it at that, but if for some reason it doesn't work for you there are alternatives.

  • @leocg As I said in my first post: Everything disabled except "Ad blocking", "Force enable zoom" and "Block pop-ups".

    This also happens when there are no active (=open) tabs. When I open Opera and go back to screen as in screenshot above the notifications are gone. Some seemingly random time later they are back again and always very close to the number 10. Not first 1 and then some time later 2 etc. No, it starts with 10.

  • @pietdummie Could you check the notification tray in your phone, i could see some notification are there. It seems like that there is some sites which are enabled to send notification using Opera. you may also check same by going to settings -- site settings -- Notifications. there you can see the sites which are allowed to send notification through Opera and these sites does not need to be open in any tabs in order to send you notification