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  • valuable .

  • @sidneyneto:

    Is there anyone here who uses VLC for Android?

    I've used it, but it was not good. Instead I use MoboPlayer2.

    VLC on computer though, is definitely the best media player available.

  • i am not sure if i like the way opera opens this blog. i´ll keep on trying. i remember when i used opera on my phone (a few years ago), i was more satisfied then. i don't know...

  • @tuas2k

    i am not sure if i like the way opera opens this blog. i´ll keep on trying. i remember when i used opera on my phone (a few years ago), i was more satisfied then. i don't know...

    This looks very much like spam actually, just hidden in a form that makes it look like it is a normal post. (If you seriously would like to say something that makes sense, you have to describe it much better.)

  • @gustavwiz

    sorry, it wasn´t my intention to spam. as i said i was quite satisfied with opera in my nokia n97, but that was long ago and the needs were far too basic then. i'm not very handy with computers, i just dicovered opera again a few days ago and relized that it could be used in normal computers, that it was not just a mobile browser. it looks a bit faster in my computer than firefox, that is good, but, for instance, is there any app or add on to import the logins and passwords that i have stored in my firefox? how can i import all my markers from firefox? is there anything else i should be taken into account to change from one to another? (i hope you excuse my english)


  • Okay, excuse me, for saying your comment was spam, I saw so much spam yesterday so I thought your comment was it also.

    Yeah, Opera has changed a lot the last years.
    I don't know if you can import that from firefox, not afaik.

  • @sgunhouse

    Steve, how's everything?

  • Warm. 😛

    Google Calendar reminded me (not that I knew it before) a couple of weeks ago that it was Dennis' birthday. :rip:

    They expected a high in the upper 70's today (call it 25C) but they were wrong, we were into the 80s. It was my day off, so I did make it out to the pistol range today, but didn't stay too long. I may go back tomorrow, but if I do I'll bring some bottled water. Other than that, nothing exciting.

  • YouTube has started to work better recently: at least in my [true] Opera the page didn't reload when I got to post a comment.
    No idea if it could have anything with my recent system clean-up though*:)* 360 is :yes:.

  • Guys, my internet is getting faster when I'm eating a dough nut.
    No bullshit.
    I know, it's supernatural.

    it's funny, lol

  • @leocg

    Leo, I surmise that guy needs vitamins.

  • @sgunhouse

    Happy Birthday, Steve! :spock:

  • Anybody has an idea?

    Using a mail service, couldn't get where the techs, so...
    Had got a couple of "mailer-demons" about not delivering messages that I hadn't ever definitely sent at all.
    Only two happened, in a row. Nothing today, but...
    Should I start panicking? 🙂

  • Some spammers send messages with fake From addresses, you may be getting their bounces. Around here that's old hat and I haven't seen it in over 10 years ...

  • Thanks.
    Should I do nothing?

  • Feeling sick lately. Caught a cold, or a bug, or something.

  • Regarding the previous message I missed - delete the messages of course, but other than that nothing you can do.

    Most mail servers here recognize such fake addresses and no longer bounce them (they just ignore them), so I can't know how common they really are these days.

  • Off topic 😃

    The other day, when I entered this site with my Firefox, there was a wide bar here offering to download a new, up-to-date Opera.
    Well, I gave it a try. Didn't install. Always checking everything with my AV, employed my 360 - it wanted to analyse it.
    Well, by the way, the file version appeared to be like "36-something" (which is o'k, I suppose, - I'm with XP still).
    So, today I executed a full scan - it picked Yandex.exe for analysis, but fortunately, returned me this Opera thing as "safe".

    Well, should I give it a try here on my XP?
    And this thing - is it normal that nowhere on the download page I could find which version it was, nor it was in the filename?

  • The download page links to a redirector - plus you typically end up with the network installer. Sometimes you need to go to the FTP site to see versions there.

    On the one hand, 36 is the last version that will still run on XP. On the other hand, it needs more memory than my older XP machine has. Mine is pretty much a glorified netbook, total RAM is only 1 GB - and some of that used by the onboard video. It will run, but excruciatingly slow.

    If your machine has < 2GB, don't even bother. Opera 12 is the only recent browser that will work on it at any reasonable speed.

  • Steve, in "System Info">"General" I only find some "ОЗУ" is like 0.99. GB.
    I should suppose this OZU is RAM, shouldn't I?

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