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Opera causes 'loop back' when opening a forum page...

  • Opera for Ubuntu.

    Two days ago another issue crept into Opera. Nothing was changed in any of Opera's settings that I recall.

    I am a member of several RV'ing forums. I have the start up page I prefer in those forums stored in my Bookmarks that bypasses the opening page. I had Opera 'save' my Usr & Psw for each forum. And it worked without a hitch for months. And then two days ago, when I tried to use my bookmarks to go to those forums, Opera would take me to the generic front page instead. Not the page I'd linked too. And when I'd click on the forum page I want, the one my bookmark points too, it would loop around and return (loop back) to the same front page. WTH??

    So I checked Firefox and Chrome. Neither of them do this. So I can't blame those forum sites.

    Back in Opera, I knew that I should probably delete all the cookies but that's such a chore! And why do I have too anyway when I didn't change anything in Opera? I compromised, and instead Logged out from those forums, than signed in again. And that worked. My bookmark links worked again.

    For several hours it worked. And then it started doing the loop around again??? Tried logging out and logging back in. This time it didn't help, it still loops around even after that and even though it fixed it before.

    And it gets curiouser. It only does the loop back for those pages I've got bookmarked. If I click on one of the other forum pages, it goes right to that page. No loop back.

    Very confused on this one. It's annoying. What the heck is Opera doing? How in the world can it be causing a loop back in those URLs? And why?

  • Your login cookie has expired. Many forums (or other sites) redirect to their default page if you need to login. If you log back in, it should work after that.

  • Kinda figured that but in this case, logging in doesn't stop the loop back. The site shows that I'm not logged in when I click on the bookmark, I log in, and it still loops back to the front page when I click on the page I'm trying to get to.

  • Ah, it cached the redirection. Reloading may help.

  • @sgunhouse Umm, reloading what?

  • The page?

  • @leocg Nope, that doesn't do anything.

  • Do you use some internet security/privacy program? A few of those can block cookies ... I'm not specifically aware of any Linux programs which would do this, but I recall some Windows programs that can.

  • @sgunhouse Hmm. Interesting. Yes, Opera comes with several built in features. Ad blocker, VPN, some kind of guard to prevent bad URLs from loading. I'm only using the Ad blocker most days. I'll turn off what I can and test.

  • Also check third party programs, what is what I guess he was talking about.

  • @leocg I'll have to do some digging because I can't find much in Opera's settings that tell me if the features I have on or off are external or not...

    So I don't know if I have any 3rd party programs running in Opera.

  • You don't because Opera doesn't run third party programs. And, of course, you will only find Opera's settings and features in Opera's settings page.

  • Someone on the RV'ing forum where I'd also posted this query asked if I'd deleted my browers history. I had not. Cookies and cache yes, history no.

    When I cleared the history, I can now access the single link at the forum I'm interested in. No more redirecting.