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Opera crashes on FIRST launch ONLY ( w10 upgrade related issue )

  • hey,
    since I upgraded to w10 like 2 or 3 days ago,
    I constantly get this issue, when I first launch Opera, it crashes,
    tho it ONLY happens the first time I run opera, it's like "hey if u wanna use me, u gotta lemme crash once first",
    I don't really understand why it happens, yet I had few other issues with that w10 upgrade which was the reason I didnt want to, but all hail Micro$oft for throwing w7 away in a year.

    any idea to get it not crashing on first launch ?

    video of it happening :

    thanks and have a good day

  • Tried reinstalling Opera?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @sgunhouse even after a clean reinstall it still occurs, tried 2 different setups, tried with no tabs open, tried with tabs reopening, seems to happen only when Opera reopens previous tabs, after the crash all tabs are clear,
    any idea ? ( besides disabling tabs reopening obviously, I don't really mind the crash, I just want not to loose the tabs I was on hehe )

  • Yet after crashing once, it'll remember your tabs until reboot?

    Next question - you use Windows Defender or other security software?

    If you wait a few minutes after rebooting before starting Opera, it still crashes?

    My first guess is that some software (likely Windows Defender) is messing with your profile. No idea why, though.

  • @sgunhouse hey, so to answer all your questions :

    1. after the first crash it doesnt remember my tabs ( which is the point that annoys me )
    2. I use windows defender only
    3. i'll tell u abit later

    I dont know either, seems weird tho because this issue only happens the very first time,
    if that was a Windows Defender related issue my guess is that it would keep crashing everytime I open it with saved tabs, I may be wrong but that's what makes the most sense to me

  • The first question was that if you quit Opera after the second launch, it would remember your tabs from that session on the third?

  • @sgunhouse oh sorry my bad,
    yes it remembers my tabs by then, it's only the very first launch on windows startup that deletes my saved tabs