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  • Go to my review page using Opera 21 Final:

    Zoom to 110% so that the link to the PeaceKeeper Benchmark is beneath the YouTube video. The same bug shows up at 90%, and in Opera 22.

    Click the link to visit the PeaceKeeper site.

    Enjoy the video (~_~).

    Zooming in and out with Opera 12.17 never positions the link under the video, and the hotspot is in the correct position.

  • Kind of crazy. Not sure I fully understand why this happens. If the PeaceKeeper Benchmark is under the YouTube video, and you click on it, then what you get is the YouTube video of the Battle of Kruger. A pretty good video. Three cheers for the buffalo who fight off the lions to save the baby 🙂 But if you click on the video itself, it's no longer the Battle of Kruger, as it's captioned, but a different video (Aung San Suu Kyi - The Choice (2012). If the PeaceKeeper Benchmark is not under the YouTube video, the link works right, and relates to a discussion of a Universal Browser Test. And if you click on the YouTube video, it is, as it's supposed to be, the Battle of Kruger. And all of those changes just from using the Opera Zoom. (Yes, I saw the zoom worked in Opera 12, without this discombobulation of links).

    At one point I did some basic html programming to set up a website, where a link stayed a link (and what you programmed, basically worked). I don't understand why (whatever the programming is on the website) (it would seem more advanced than what I did) that PeaceKeeper Benchmark link changes if you click on it, based on whether it's under the YouTube video or not. Or what the word "hotspot" (in the title of the post) means in that context. I think of hotspot in connection with free wifi. Certain location in a city that offer free wifi are deemed hotspots. But that's quite an interesting screw up with Opera 21 and your page. 🙂 Or said another way, perhaps you didn't design that webpage with Opera 21 in mind.

  • You do note both where you see the hand icon and what the popup bar that shows the link address says. The hotspots for both images are about two inches (as in, 4-5 cm) below where the images actually are, while the hotspot for the Peacekeeper link is nowhere to be found. (The other links embedded in text are in the correct places - one presumes the Peacekeeper link would be as well if not for the misplaced image links.) So it is only the image links which are misplaced (so far as we can tell).

  • Happening here with Opera 23 too.

  • The hotspots on the videos are badly displaced in Firefox too if you zoom in. The problem is with the way that different browsers render Absolute positioning:


  • In the programming for that webpage, what's a way to describe a "hotspot" for a layman?

    Why is the zoom messing up the intended links? You click on what seems to be a link, and and end up taken to different places based on the zoom. Seems crazy.