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[Solved]"Your profile could not be opened"...error message

  • Different day, new problem. Opera on a Ubuntu machine.

    Getting this error message:

    Your profile could not be opened correctly.
    Some features may be unavailable. Please check that the profile exists and that you have permission to read and write its contents.

    If I do a search in the settings of Opera Menu, there's isn't any 'Profile' listed. Nor is there any 'Preferences' listed. So whatever this 'profile' was 2 years ago in an Opera forum question apparently doesn't exist in Opera anymore? Or it was renamed? Can someone let me know where to find it in Opera?

    There isn't any recent mention of this error on Google or here on the forum. Here's a link to that 2 year old posting: link text

    This is a Linux install and I'd like to avoid having to remove and reinstall Opera.

    Where do I find the Profile, and what do I do to fix it?


  • Menu > Help > About Opera to get the path to the profile directory.

  • Usually it will be ~/.config/opera/ in modern versions of Linux.. (~ is a substitute for /home/[username]/ unless you are logged in as root.) Any file or folder whose name begins with "." is hidden - unless you set your file manager to show hidden files and folders you will not see a. config/ folder in your home directory.

    The most common way to encounter this error is to run Opera as root. If you do that, file ownership will be changed to root, and the next time you run Opera as a normal user you will get this message. Second most common would be some other file system error

  • OK, found that directory and elevated my privileges to have a look at it. Thanks for the help on that. But there is no 'Profile' directory or file. There is a 'Preferences' file but it's not editable.

    Is there suppose to be a Profiles file?

    BTW, I didn't actively do anything to cause this that I know of. It just started happening a couple days ago, seemingly out of the blue. I 'think' it was just after I'd used the Incognitio feature. I certainly didn't actively try to run Opera as Root. I would know that if I had.

    Anyone know where this 'Profiles' file might be, and then the big question 'What do I do to it if I find it'?


  • There's no directory or file called profile.

  • @leocg Any idea what this means, "Please check that the profile exists and that you have permission to read and write its contents."?

  • Your "profile" is ~/.config/opera/ - make sure your user account is listed as the owner and that all files (and the directory itself) can be read and written by you. If you have to elevate priveleges to have a look at it, then it is wrong.

  • @sgunhouse I do have a folder ~/.config and I changed the ownership of everything in there but when I open config I don't see any Opera folder or file.

    Any reason why I wouldn't have that file? Or how do I build one? And if it was there after installing Opera, where did it go?


    BTW, in the ubuntu version I have, in the Permissions settings there are Owner, Group, and Folder Access. The Owner setting already gave full access to the /.config folder. I changed Group and Folder Access to allow full access as well.

  • Menu > Help > About Opera says that your profile is located where?

  • If you needed to elevate privileges to see it before, you will certainly need to elevate privileges to change it.

  • @leocg It says here: /home/jim-hitek/snap/opera/22/.config/opera

    But there's nothing in there named Profile. And I changed permissions for the folder.

    It must be something I'm doing wrong with setting permissions, I just don't know what...

    But what do I do with it if I find it??????

  • As said, that directory is your profile. There won't be anything called profile there.

  • After stumbling around for a while trying to fix this error, I changed permission in one of the parent directories and finally got an error message in Opera that mentioned that I didn't have permission to change the profile. And Opera wouldn't open. Now I was getting somewhere! Something to actually fix!

    Changing the permissions of the folder mentioned in the error message fixed this issue. The error message no longer appears when I open Opera.

    Unfortunately, I got interrupted around that time and I've forgotten which folder it was. But I never did find any mysterious file or folder that could be called 'Profile'. I guess it's what Leocg says, the entire directory is my profile.

    Other than the permissions for a folder that I hadn't changed prior to the error message needing to be changed, I can't think of anything unusual that might have caused this error.