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Sync and all the "joys" around it...

  • At first i thought I'll just go and reset my sync because there is loads of old stuff in there which I don't need anymore and I don't want Sync to "serve" it back to me, no sir. That shit already happened and it was a hell of a mess. Took me some time to sort it all out.
    Well, after I informed myself on Opera help pages about "Reset sync" I decided to do it since it said it will just delete all my sync data it has stored but it will NOT affect my devices - everything stays untouched, as it is.
    Well, that's one big fat lie. The damn thing brought back hundreds of my old bookmarks that I don't need anymore....urghhhhhh!!!!
    Sorting it out again. Thanks for nothing, Opera!
    Btw, is there a way to remove that sync icon in the upper right corner, on the plugins "bar"?

  • If you didn't need those bookmarks, why you still had them?

    When you reset sync data, everything is removed from the sync servers. So, if you got those bookmarks back was because you still had them in your devices.

  • @leocg So not true. I didn't have them in my devices. But they were obviously stored in my sync. And then they got back to my devices. Which is not the first time as already said.
    Let's face it, Opera Sync is all messed up and Opera Link also wasn't much better.
    So, how about that sync icon? How I get rid of it? By signing out of my profile and deleting it completely? (They mentioned that option in help pages somewhere.)

  • Unless there is a problem, the icon should go away after a while.

  • @leocg OK, thanks.
    When i click it it says: "Something went wrong. Synchronization has stopped because of an error. Please sign in again."
    But nothing went wrong, i just did the sync reset.

  • It shows the green checker saying that sync is working fine? If not, then there is a problem.

  • @leocg No, it shows red dot and the text I wrote above - something went wrong.
    But i just reset my sync, that's all. So what went wrong?
    I don't wanna use the sync function.
    So the only way to get rid of that icon up there is to completely delete my profile?

  • You got disconnected when you reset your sync data, so the icon is probably just showing it.

    I guess it will disappear after a while.

  • @leocg Hope so. Thanks.

  • I ran into the "something went wrong" message a couple days ago. I absolutely DID NOT sign out or reset sync. I also noticed that I was signed out on my android version of Opera (which is vers. 43 -- I refuse to update it because I despise the newer ui) I DID NOT sign out on there either! I was able to sign back in after restarting Opera, but it's obvious that I can no longer trust sync to keep me logged in. With each new update, Opera becomes more and more of a steaming pile of crap! 😡