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  • Is the Konami code no longer the way to the power user settings - or do those settings even exist anymore? I had to do a new install of the beta on my laptop today and wanted to make some changes that were within the power user settings, but now can't get there (speed dial, combining address and search fields).

  • As far as I know, all settings are in the settings page without any needing of special codes.

  • If so, where are the settings for combining the address/search fields into one and for making sure the speed dial layout is stable with six thumbnails across?

  • There is no search field in address bar unless you have enabled under user interface section in settings.

    And regarding speed dial, there never was such setting but just one to set the maximum number of columns. And it's still in settings under 'start page' section.

  • @leocg How long have you been around Opera? Not true on either count. I clean installed the current beta on my Win 7 laptop yesterday and the search field is there default, separate from the address field. And the Konami code was needed starting with about Opera 14 to get in power user settings to do certain things,. Among them, I know very very well that the speed dial would not hold the column numbers without it. If it's no longer needed, I missed the notice in the developers blog.

  • Since the 1990's, version 3.50 I guess.

    At least here, the search field that appears on the right of the address bar always needed to be enabled by the user. And that setting has never been under the power user settings.

    If you are talking about the option to hide the search in start page, that setting is available in settings too.

    About Speed Dial, like I said the option has always been to set the maximum number of columns, not a fixed number of them.

    The konami code has become obsolete a long time ago, even the settings page has changed completely.

  • Goto the URL opera://settings/userInterface?search=Enable%20search%20box%20in%20the%20address%20bar to control whether there's a separate search box in the address bar or not. By default it's off.

    Goto the URL opera://settings/startPage?search=Maximum%20number%20of%20columns to control the maximum number of columns on the start page. By default it's 7.

  • @leocg Well, I have to give it to you, you've got me by a couple of versions. I went poking around and found the search field cut out. I'll admit not used to thinking of the SD as a start page (I wonder what percentage use it that way). Glad to hear the power code business is gone, as I never liked it (you can tell I haven't needed for a good while, as on my desktop I live on betas and haven't often done clean installs). One thing early on post-Presta and for quite awhile was that the visible maximum number of columns setting didn't allow setting a fixed number of columns; that had to be done via the power settings code.

    P.S. Turns out that the Search field showing separately on a clean install is considered a bug and being fixed.

  • @genegold try this opera://flags/

    That should get you to experiments which is also the place you want for the setting you're after