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Message In Clear Browsing Data Window

  • In history, clear browsing data window there is a message "To clear data from this device only while keeping it in your google account sign out" Hovering the mouse over "sign out," in the bottom left of browser pops up Opera://settings/$1 Firstly I never signed in to Google and is what I experienced normal and if it is so why is Google even mentioned in the first place ?

  • Probably some leftover from Chromium.

  • I don't know if you are actually employed by Opera but your reply was to say the least short and not very helpful. In this particular instal of Opera the programme was a single folder installation, so Chrome would not have anything to do with it. I have checked a couple of other computers which have a similar setup and they do not have this wording although they require an update to the latest version of Opera, they are one release behind. It will be interesting to see if on updating they show the same wording. For further imformation I did click on "sign out" when not connected to the Internet and it did not open any windows etc, in my mind suspicious behaviour. I then reverted to an earlier time and deleted the Opera folder. Although I am not suggesting it as malware, malware has been known to infect peoples machines by pretending that a link is genuine etc.

  • The only Opera employees here are those with a red "Opera" badge after their username. The rest of us are just Opera users trying to help other Opera users. Opera is based on Chromium, they must have forgotten to fix one of the strings in Chromium.

    I suppose it should say something about your Sync account instead of Google account, but that is all Leo or I can really say about it.

  • Another unhelpful reply although I realise you did not intend it to be so. You mention "sync account". I have NEVER synced any browser at anytime whether that be Chrome,Opera,Vivaldi or Firefox. I would not even know how to go about doing so either. !

  • If you don't use Sync, then you can ignore the warning.

  • The message shouldn't be there at all and it's just an oversight that it's there. Don't worry though, the issue has been fixed and the message has been removed. You should get the fix in the next major version of Opera if not before. For now, just ignore it and pretend it's not there.

  • All replies tried to answer your questioning, and i think they managed to do that, so they weren't unhelpful.

  • Thank you burnout426 for your reply the comments have been noted