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  • It seems that automatic update does not maintain the basic 64bit installation. When exposed to 32bit it might be impossible manually to update to 64bit unless uninstall the entire app and start all over. When using 64bit java this might be a problem or what ?? Or Opera installer doesn't behave correctly ??
    Encluded a list of detected 64/32bits apps and Opera does not show up according to version.


  • Autoupdate should download the new version for the same architecture. So if you have 32 bits version installed, it will download 32 bits and if you have 64 bits, it will get the 64 bits version.

    Ate least this is what has been happening here.

    You can have both 32 and 64 bits Opera if you want.

  • I would delete Opera's program files folder. Then, I'd go into the programs list and choose to uninstall Opera and tell Windows to remove it from the list.

    Then, I'd download the latest 64-offline Opera Stable installer from the right side of Then, I'd launch it, click "options", set "install path" to where you want it ("C:\Program Files\Opera" is where it should go unless you don't want it there), set "install for" to "all users", adjust the other options and install. That should fix things and Opera should continue using your existing profile.

    As for why 32-bit Opera is in "E:\Program Files\Opera x64", I don't know. I would guess that you chose to install 32-bit Opera there initially and that Opera just kept updating the 32-bit version like it's supposed to.

    (Note that if you download the regular Opera installer instead of the specific offline one, it'll install the 64-bit Opera by default as long as you're not upgrading an existing 32-bit one.)

    In short, I'd fix the install so it's right and monitor it after updates. You should see that it works fine.

    @erik_s said in Opera 64 bit:

    When using 64bit java this might be a problem or what ?

    Opera doesn't support Java so there's no chance for an issue.

  • @leocg
    Tks for views. Basicaly the 64bit was installed from the first release since 12.18 and deliberately stored on E-drive. Later updates used to be installed manually except for some auto updated that I didn't have control with. That's all but gave me the reason to be a little confused when a 32bit release showed up. No big deal. I have to turn auto update off if possible ??

  • @burnout426 tks for views. As erlier answer I deliberately put Opera 64bit on E-drive. There is no Opera copy anywhere else.
    Updates used to be manually except for auto updates when PC is in idle. I might backup user file, uninstall Opera and reinstall a clean 64bit in the same partition and restore user user files. Actually the same process as for TB 64bit.
    The best way to keep the 64bit will be blocking the auto update.

  • First releases of Opera Chromium (Opera 15+) were 32 bits only, so if you have been autoupdating since then, that's probably the reason for you to have a 32 bits version.

  • To disable autoupdate you need to rename its executable in Opera's installation directory.

  • @leocg
    I've used Opera since 2.x, Apparently I know what I'm doing. You're right ab. blocking auto update. The tag from old 32bits didn't follow the new generation of Opera. Perhaps that is a feature to be included ??

  • What feature?

  • @erik_s said in Opera 64 bit:

    The best way to keep the 64bit will be blocking the auto update.

    You shouldn't have to do that though. If you have 64-bit Opera, it's not going to autoupate to 32-bit. When you discovered 32-bit listed next to Opera's entry, did you load Opera and go to opera://about or look in the task manager to see if it really was just the 32-bit version? If so and it was, that's just weird and not typical.

    @erik_s said in Opera 64 bit:

    Basicaly the 64bit was installed from the first release since 12.18

    I would totally nuke your Opera directory. Going through all those old installs to the new one, anything crazy could happen. Would be best to start fresh so you know things are right. I'd also get rid of all Opera keys from the registry before you install Opera fresh to make sure all the old Opera 12 stuff is out of there. The installers for Opera now and Opera 12 aren't that much different. Maybe there's a bug or something in the new installer that recognizes some old Opera 12 entry. Either way, I'd do some cleanup to make sure things are right. Then if the autoupdate switches Opera to 32-bit, investigate why and try to reproduce it consistently.

  • Re: Opera 64 bit

    OK, ok save your words. Auto update in idle will never be seen. I can't tell what happened, Probably I'm not a chap that follows standard installation. Anyway x32 is uninstalled and x64 back on E-drive where it has resided the last 5-6 years (that also incude rel. 12.xx) . Nothing lost, auto update stopped. Case closed. Thanks.

  • This post is deleted!