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  • Opera was my main and favourite browser, but it is becoming unusable for me. Many websites will not work with it, and when I tell the websites Opera does not work, they simply say "you should use Chrome" or "what's Opera?".

    I don't have a choice, sometimes. I HAVE to use Moonfruit ("Don't use Opera"), I HAVE to use btinternet/btmail ("Does not support your browser"), I CHOOSE to read the Independent, but can not login under Opera, I HAVE to use other website which simply do not work under Opera.

    I am very frustrated and if anyone can give me a way around this, I will use opera, but otherwise I have to say good bye.

  • I'm guessing that you still use Opera 12?

    I myself had similar problems, in the end I was so annoyed, that I updated to Opera Next and gave it a try.

    With the help of many extensions, it comes close to Opera 12, but running fast and smoothly on all websites.

  • I am guessing you are using the older version of Opera, Opera Classic (Presto), version 12.x or older, would I be correct ?. If so, Have you tried the new version of Opera (Blink) based on the Chromium engine ?.

  • if anyone can give me a way around this

    2. Use the newest version (21.0 currently) from
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  • Opera 21 would be a great choice. One of the reasons for its development was the problem that Opera 12 was having accessing certain web sites. So Opera developers decided to switch the browser engine from Presto in Opera 12, to Blink, which first made its appearance in Opera 15. That new browser has continued to develop, and is currently Opera 21. Here's a download link.

  • Thanks for the replies on this - I've started to use Opera 21 - but it will take a while.

  • Don't forget to post in the forum if you have any questions.It does take a little bit of time to adjust.