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  • Strange that it works here even with WebRTC in the default setting.

    Any change if you set another location for the VPN?

  • I wouldn't know how.

  • The same way you set it to Americas as you said. Click on the VPN icon in the address bar.

  • OK, tried with optimal location, same result.
    Tried with Europe, located in the Netherlands.
    In both cases WebRTC shows enabled.

  • And your real IP appears in all the situations?

    As a last test, does shows your real IP or the VPN one?

  • @esebm said in VPN does not hide my location:

    OK, tried with optimal location, same result.
    Tried with Europe, located in the Netherlands.
    In both cases WebRTC shows enabled.

    At the site, the WebRTC indicator itself should show 'enabled' since most of Opera's WebRTC code remains functional even if the non-proxied UDP is disabled... that disabling only removes WebRTC user IP reporting functionality. If you enable Opera's WebRTC non-proxied UDP functionality in the WebRTC settings, you'll see your true IP listed beneath the whoer site's WebRTC indicator. When you disable Opera's non-proxied UDP, your IP should disappear from beneath the site's WebRTC indicator and should be replaced with a "N/A" entry.

  • OK,
    I did try all 3 links that you guys provided, locations set to Americas: shows my location in Venezuela, ads in the cyrillic language. shows my location somewhere in Europe also shows Europe (Vaduz)
    At least none of the above does show my true location.
    Go figure!

  • @esebm Part of the problem lies in the IP lookup-lists being used by sites, including the IP leakage test sites. As you may have seen at the ipleak site for all those DNS servers, there may be different locations listed in various places for a particular IP, including that of a VPN. These reverse IP look-ups are notorious for missing the mark. With my non-VPN IP (part of an IP block used for services by my ISP), the DNS servers have my location shown as everywhere from Minnesota to Kentucky, though I'm actually in Indiana.

    I'm not sure what you mean for the whatismyipaddress site regarding ads in cyrillic, unless you're referring to the ads on that site itself. If so, they may be simply assuming you're using a VPN from Eastern Europe based on a misinterpretation of who-is information... I've seen a couple of posts in these forums indicating similar cyrillic-language behavior for users in different places of the world when visiting any number of websites, never with a clear explanation of why cyrillic pops up. I've tended to assume it has something to do with (mis?)interpretation about the who-is physical location or registration information published for the VPN's server and IP.

  • blackbird, thanks for the detailed explanation, I really appreciate the input from all you guys.
    What I still don't understand is why my home town popped up yesterday and what I can do to prevent any kind of leakage.

  • @esebm said in VPN does not hide my location:

    What I still don't understand is why my home town popped up yesterday and what I can do to prevent any kind of leakage.

    If you've changed nothing at your end, it's possible that something temporarily malfunctioned in either your Opera installation or Opera's VPN server which caused the traffic to not route properly thru the VPN. If you were in a censored country, it might also be possible that there was some man-in-the-middle interception going on by the ISP or national firewall, but that certainly isn't likely to be the case at a location in the Lone Star State.

    Just to be on the safe side, I'd bookmark one or several of the leakage-test sites and retest with the VPN from time to time to see if the problem recurs (and if so, with what periodicity).

  • Just checked the leakage test sites and all 3 of them show my hometown and my real IP address. VPN is on, set to Europe.
    Changed the setting to the Americas, same thing.

  • I tried site It doesn't show my real location(Eastern Europe) with VPN on but shows incorrect regions which were selected in VPN settings.

    1. I select 'Optimal location' ->hit refresh-> it shows me Country Iran
    2. I select 'Europe' -> hit refresh-> it shows me Country Iran again
    3. I select 'Americas' ->hit refresh-> it doesn't text any info(I see only ISP Opera Software AS and Services Network Sharing Device). But on the graphical map red dot is on the Switzerland.
    4. I select 'Asia' ->hit refresh-> it shows me Country France.
  • Tried the same site and it shows my real location and my real IP address.

  • The result is the same in a private window?

  • I tried a private window, VPN set to the Americas, all 3 test sites show a European location.

  • This is kinda expected and already discussed several times here.

    So it doesn't show your real IP?

  • No, not my real IP and not my real location.
    Can this private window thing be set as default?

  • I don't think so. But if it works in private window then some extension or setting is causing the problem in the normal window.

  • Is there any way to find out what would cause it?

  • Do you use any extension? If so, disable them all and then enable one by one until find the extension causing the problem.

    Also try disabling Flash.