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  • My Samsung Galaxy S3 from 2012 spare phone with Lineage OS Nougat works fluently in scrolling. Only because of its 700 megabyte memory I can open 3 websites only simultaneously. But hey it's faster than my 4000 Megabytes memory Samsung Galaxy S8. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    I tried scrolling with Samsung Browser in pop-up over tiny window over Opera. In developer options of my phone I enabled GPU profiler, and Webview seems detached from directly getting touch screen input and works very well like Opera mini is smooth.

    Samsung browser has a detached from touchscreen directly like GPU profile too.

    Communicating touchscreen events directly to Opera or Chrome main thread that is also the viewport seems to be culprit here.

    I suggest Opera developers to try a simple overlay window that passes touch events forward to the web viewport in NDK since directly communicating with NDK is problematic. Not only for Opera but for Yandex, Chrome, Brave browsers...

    Opera could do this as Opera Dev version e.g.

    I turned almost into Steve Jobs. Steve was known for forcing the development team to look for another better way.

  • @boti99 Message pump overflow from touchscreen events. @miyukiwork maybe you can forward this to your team deciding what is important.

    Stutter is observed in such a stable way, that it seems touch events overflow the message que. When this happens, touch events are dropped. Then browser viewport stops responding a short time, perhaps 100 millisecond. Then the touch events message que is ready to be filled with new touch events, and it happens again. As in native development kit Opera seems to not be able to filter out unimportant messages fed from the touch screen. Like it's not necessary to process for example duplicate touch events. This is not happening at all devices.

    At least it's such a stable stuttering and so depending on touch events, ask your team for studying how many events a touchscreen can send in so little time. It's rather Opera now wants to process all events but that is unadvisable.

    A millisecond pause for example in processing the message pump from touchscreen events can prevent this flood.

  • @ginger
    thank you for your support at this point.
    I appreciate all your input in this issue.
    Hope we really whip the Llama's A.. ๐Ÿคจ
    I still prefer the opera for android GUI.

    My last iOS device was an iphone 4s with iOS 8 and 9.
    What i really dislike is: Safari does not support kinetic scrolling. at least till iOS 9.3.5
    Does anyone know if this issue is still in current iOS versions?

  • yes same problem here. i already wrote an email to opera support, no response.

    my Solution:
    Uninstall Version 46 and newer (what you get right now from google playstore is v. 48.x) and go back to Version 45!
    Where do you get official opera Final apks?

    Than scrolling websites while your finger is on the screen is as -smooth- as only kinetic scrolling is right now in opera for android browsers...
    ... and like it is on the homescreen. 60 fps - i like๐Ÿ‘

    alternative try Samsung internet browser.

    technical info:
    i think its a problem that is called Enable resampling scroll events

    Opera for android, google chrome and Samsung internet browser are using chromium as engine...

    Hope they will fix this annoying bug and bring back project butter on our surf-tablets and smartphones.

  • My Samsung S5e tablet and Galaxy S8 both are unusable with Opera, Chrome, Edge, Yandex.

    I am forced to use Samsung browser. When I got the 2019 Samsung S5e tablet everything worked great. However I am in vendor lock in to use Samsung browser now.

    It's legal to force people to use Samsung browser since Samsung is not a monopoly.

    Don't like it. Opera version you mentioned is the latest chromium based build that works smoothly.

    Opera should open their eyes, Samsung is forcing to use Samsung browser.

    It's not Opera it's the Samsung firmware. Opera has no chance against a bigger Samsung anyway.

    Yes artificially slowed stuttering browsers unless it's Samsung browser at a Samsung device.

    I think Opera does care but simply it's a matter of hear no monopoly, see no monopoly, ...

    Here is a open letter at XDA developers about Samsung and monopoly at Samsung devices

  • cant believe it - nearly 2 years later.

    i installed opera beta for android Opera beta_60.0.2955.54227
    on my Samsung t580 tablet
    via play store

    and no judder while finger scrolling anymore

    Thanks a lot to the developter

  • @ginger1984

    Would you try the new opera beta v. 60 on your devices too?

  • i test the opera final version 59.1.2926.54067

    on my huawei 6x

    seems fine too ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • This post is deleted!
  • If your question is about Opera Mini, then why didn't you post in that forum?

  • @samstabauser indeed after 2 years Opera finally found out where in the gigantic open source chromium code, fluent scrolling can be enabled. Tab s5e 2019 and galaxy S8 2017 working with smooth scrolling.

  • Since 2021 opera browser is stuttering mess at galaxy devices of samsung. I suggest people to forget about Opera browser as a viable browser at samsung devices. The last time it took opera years to understand that samsung wants to get opera done away. Don't waste your time for opera again. Samsung doesn't allow Opera. Install samsung browser or Google browser. Forget about opera.

    Spare your time, opera has no future except export of bookmark and import into samsung galaxy browser.

    Don't waste your time at opera anymore.

    Opera isn't allowed at smooth scrolling.

    If you don't have a samsung you probably aren't affected.

    Forget opera at samsung devices. Samsung doesn't want it.

  • Managed to solve it. After every firmware update you have to do the following. Which most people won't understand.

    Clear Opera App cache
    Reboot into official Samsung recovery and wipe cache.

    Most people including me will give up before especially wiping cache from official Samsung recovery.

    But I did wipe it. And everything is smooth for now. Opera seems to be the first app that will stutter but you'll have to clear Opera cache and wipe cache partition. At Samsung devices.

    Remember not all people are understanding to go into recovery mode and wipe cache partition. It worked fine but I consider it luck.

    Did you update Android webview?
    Did you update Opera?
    Did you update play services?

    If so first reboot and if it doesn't work wipe cache which most people won't understand.

    At xda you can find how to wipe cache for a device and that is very difficult for average user.

    For now opera is smooth again until webview and firmware updates and so on and on and on.