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  • Make the bookmarks and news screen dark just like the new settings menu & make the scroll bar and context menu dark aswell

  • Dark theme is still work in progress.

  • I am very new to using Opera. What I hope is that this is the correct place to urge the developer to create a "Dark Reader" for Opera. I'm rapidly approaching the age where I'm considered an antique. Essentially I have significant vision issues, and the glare from a white screen makes almost anything much more difficult to read.

    My main complaint with Dark Reader is that while it does a great job of switching black for white, and white for black, it does not do a very good job dealing with colors. In my opinion they don't need to switch so much as they might benefit from increased intensity to better contrast on a black background.

    The other issue, might enable a faster extension -- something to at least make the text convert from GRAY to BLACK. I would be able to read the screen better with true black instead of Opera's default washed down black aka gray. color for most test displays.

    Thank you for your consideration of these comments.

  • +1 for dark bookmark manager, especially because extensions aren't allowed to modify it

  • There is a setting in opera://flags for this - but it isn't 100% yet. When in icon view, the tile for a folder is still white with a gray folder icon in it. (Of course should be a dark background). Also some other items (messages and other pop-ups) are unreadable because the text is still black in them. Hence you're probably further ahead without it at this point ...

  • @sgunhouse I tried the prototype bookmark manager just now, and found a couple more issues with it:

    • Doesn't seem to have a list view (only thumbnail view)
    • Trash folder takes a few clicks to render and there's no option to empty it
    • the Search doesn't work but you guys probably already know that one 😉

    The dark theme looks awesome though, really looking forward to just that haha