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no way to disable AliExpress notification on speed dial

  • every time i open new tab a speed dial page opens and AliExpress notification appears

    i checked everywhere i could - speed dial suggestions are off, promoted speed dials are off, notifications are off, i don't even have AE anywhere in my bookmarks, and using very occasionally... and i still get this popup.
    how to get rid of it? is that new Opera policy, to push unwanted adds with no option to disable? O_o chose that browser for contrary reasons...


  • I saw that bar once but after have been dismissed, it never showed up again.

  • Never seen that - you sure it isn't from an extension?

  • He showed up several times with me ... stopped lately.

  • Appeared again here ...

  • And? Extensions installed?

    Regular notifications appear outside the Opera window near the system tray (where the clock in the taskbar is, usually bottom right corner of the screen).

  • The only thing I can say I changed was the Opera version, which from 56.0.3051.99 started to appear this advertisement message randomly, but the extensions I use are uMatrix (Direct from the official site), uBlock Origin (Direct from the official website ), Violent Monkey (via chrome store), Kee (Direct from the official site), Https everywhere and Internet Download Manager Extension.

  • I get the same notification and also one for AliTools extension when visiting Aliexpress. They keep showing even after dismissing them. I guess it's not possible to disable those ads completely which is a shame.

  • same thing here. Every time I open the speed dial it pops. I have no extension installed (just the native ad block).

  • Just updated to 56.0.3051.99 and started having this same "aliexpress ad bar".... (haven't updated for months, not sure wich version i came from).

    This shows up eventually on new pages (including the extensions page)...

    This is really annoying and definetly a no-go for me. if its a new thing, i would like to revert to a previous version... is that possible ?

    BTW, only extension enabled is LastPass.

  • Dear Opera,
    please don't do it!
    Don't force that kind of ads on us.
    Run out of money? Let's figure something out, TOGETHER. Don't use those dirty old tricks, you might loose more than its worth!

  • Same here. I closed it yesterday but it's back today.
    It's so ironic that with new version they added an option to disable sponsored content and at the same time they add more ads that ignore this switch. Especially after mods here denied the claim that Opera becomes adware browser.

  • The same sad story. It appears about 3 days, closing it does not help.
    Looks like a good reason to change the browser, but I'll wait a little, probably it's just Ali's malware.

  • It appears to me too after update

  • i dunno if this wiil help..


  • @nvmjustagirl It won't, as it isn't a "notification".

  • Same thing on my two computers.
    The bar began to appear after update to 56.0.3051.99.

  • I tried to disable "Receive promoted Speed Dials and Bookmarks" in Start page section in Advanced settings. It seems to work.

  • @hofffik here this option has always been unchecked

  • Disabling sponsored content doesn't work with this. And closing it using "x" seems to only disabling it for 24h or so. I can see it for 3 days in a row now.

    EDIT: New lead. I clicked "x" on mine today, so I can't check it, but ... I noticed a new file in Opera resources folder (mine is: c:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\56.0.3051.99\resources) called partner_speeddials.json. It contains urls to Aliexpress icon and site and many other partners (sic!). Can someone try to remove it and check if the Aliexpress bar is gone? I can only confirm that Opera starts without this file just fine.