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customize bookmarks icon

  • Hi there,
    I've Opera 56.0 adn I'm wondering if it is possible to customize the icons of my bookmarks

    (I found some old article or thread, but Opera seems too much upgraded respect them and they are not applicable anymore)

    some suggestion?


  • You should be able to click on the heart button at the right of address bar, while the page is opened, to change the thumbnail image.

  • Hi leocg and thank you for your suggestion

    I tried but can't find the entry point to modify the favicon...

  • Favicon? I thought it was able the thumbnail. To change it just change the image that you see when clicking on the heart button.

    Favicon, as far as I know, is set by the page.

  • yes, sorry, when I told bookmark icon I meant the icon I can see beside the text of a bookmark on the bookmark bar

    I tried to click the heart button, and I can ideed slide some images, but I'd like to choose an icon file into my pc, do you think it is possible?

    as already done in firefox, chrome or IE...

  • Not that I know.

  • I found the file "Bookmark" in the profile path "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable"

    it has the following syntax:

    "checksum": "32236b6645652639469a3d9ad7becb29",
    "roots": {
    "bookmark_bar": {
    "children": [ {
    "date_added": "13150196795000000",
    "id": "603",
    "name": "TEST1",
    "type": "url",
    "url": "https://myurl1..."
    }, {
    "date_added": "13141829760000000",
    "id": "604",
    "name": "TEST2",
    "type": "url",
    "url": ""

    someone know if is it possible to add a tag here (e.g. IMG) to point an external icon file?