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Orientation for migrants from Firefox?

  • Is there an Opera tutorial for migrants from Firefox?

    When I look at the Opera GUI I feel completely lost.

    I Googled for instructions to display a menu bar in Opera and found an image like this:

    0_1540490044103_Opera Menu Bar.jpg ![](image url)

    And I did find these instructions: *"It is possible to have menus (display mode) like in the previous versions: Click the "Opera" and choose 'Show menubar.'"
    [](link url)

    But I can't seem to find that "Show menubar" button.

    I searched this forum and did find an old, long and quarrelsome thread suggesting that there may no longer be a way to display a classic
    Windows style menu bar in Opera. Did I get that right?
    [](link url)

    So, if that's the case, what I would find most helpful would be a guide to how to find in Opera the menu items one is used to finding on those old Windows menu bars.

    Does such a creature exist?

    Will in Seattle
    a.k.a. "Clueless"
    OS: Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
    Opera Version: 56.0.3051.52

  • Those instructions are for a very old version of Opera, the current versions don't have a menu bar.

  • Thanks, leocg.

    I was afraid you'd say that.

    Oh well. A quarter of a century ago I managed to learn Lynx in MS-DOS, so I guess that, even at my age with worsening cognitive impairment, I can learn Opera. They say it's important to keep learning new things as we get older.

    In the meantime, if anyone reading this knows where I can find a tutorial for migrants from Firefox I'd sure be grateful if you could point me in that direction.

    Will in Seattle, a.k.a. "Clueless"
    Windows 7
    Opera 56.0.3051.52

  • @clueless-in-seattle Opera is pretty easy to use. The key to getting started is the red O in the top left corner, clicking on this will open a menu allowing you to set up Opera. If you are completely green to Opera I suggest you open up help and start reading. Help is quite useful for a newbie and is written in plain English.

  • Most browsers work basically in the same way.
    Try checking Opera's help to get some basic instructions.