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[Solved]Japanese Mistranslation in Home page

  • Hello! I found Japanese mistranslation in Home page. After Opera Touch connected Opera for PC, Is Latest opening tabs by Opera for PC showed in top of Home page? If so, Japanese mistranslation exist. In the top of Home page, "Latest Closed tabs(最近閉じたタブ)" in Japanese showed.

    True translation → "最近開いたタブ"

    Mistranslation (Now) → "最近閉じたタブ"

  • I forgot this images!

    0_1540505951685_Opera Touch 1.0.3:ホーム画面トップの誤訳(最近開いたタブを「最近閉じた」と表記)- 2.png

    "Recent tabs from Computer" of Home page is "コンピューターの最近閉じたタブ" in Japanese version. But "コンピューターの最近閉じたタブ" means "Latest closed tabs" in English. This is mistranslation. I think that true translation is "コンピュータで最近開いたタブ".

  • @kyu3 Thanks for catching that mistake we'll fix it. Just to make sure we're on the same page.

    On Home Screen when My Flow is connected heading should say "Recent Tabs From Computer" - this feature gives you access to the last 3 tabs that you worked with on your computer.

    On Tabs View it should say "Tabs From Computer" and it shows you all the tabs from computer except for private ones.

    Can you please suggest better translation for those?

  • @themaciekk Yes! I think this Japanese word "コンピュータで最近開いたタブ" is good translation. This word means in Japanese "Recently tabs opened by computer".

  • @kyu3 It shouldn't say "Recently tabs opened by computer" but "Recent tabs from computer" because that lists holds 3 last tabs you worked with, regardless if they were the newest or not. What would be your suggest translation for that?

  • @themaciekk Then, I think "コンピュータの最新アクティブタブ" is good. This Japanese word means "Recently active tabs on computer".

  • @themaciekk Hello! I thought of translation idea! I think "最近コンピュータで使用したタブ" is better than yesterday idea. This word means "Tabs that user recently used on computer".

  • @themaciekk I forgot to write the reason! I think "最近コンピュータで使用したタブ" is better than "コンピュータの最新アクティブタブ". Because this word "アクティブ" is not general. The man who is well informed about the computer understand this word's means. But many people can't understand this word's means. But "最近コンピュータで使用したタブ" is understand by all people.😀

  • Thanks! I'll pass it our translation team.

  • @themaciekk Latest version is nice! The Ghost of private mode is so cute! But a little sad. This mistranslation exist still now.

  • @kyu3 Hope you'll also enjoy other features of the latest release. As for translations they got a little delayed, sorry.

  • @themaciekk Hello! I confirmed this mistranslation was fixed in latest version! Thanks!! 😆