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Cmd+W closes the window instead of the tab.

  • @rogbar said in Cmd+W closes the window instead of the tab.:

    @leocg said in Cmd+W closes the window instead of the tab.:

    An update was released today fixing this issue.

    Unfortunately I just happened again on 56.0.3051.102 / Mojave.

    And again… Seems the update did not include a proper fix for this issue…

  • Mine just came back too. It was fine since the day I updated (5 days ago) but suddenly came back today.

    Version: 56.0.3051.102
    OS: Mojave 10.14
    Hardware: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

  • Hi all, just had this issue for the first time, after my solution it didn't seem to stick around. I don't know if it happened for all the tabs, but it only happened to me with the first (left most) tab.
    CMD+W or closing the tab with the mouse both closed the window instead of that tab, so I had to use my tab manager (in my case Tabs Outliner) to close it. After that the issue seems to have stopped.

    MacOS Mojave 10.14

  • I received an update yesterday


    So far the issue seems to be gone, I'll wait for another couple days and update here. Last time the issue came back after 5 days of no problems.

    Thank you

  • The issue is worse in the last update (56.0.3051.104)…

  • It was all good until today, it just came back. Last time it took 5 days to come back, now 4 days, still an improvement though 😜

  • 56.0.3051.104 on 10.13.6/High Sierra and it's still happening.
    I've been back on Opera for about a month after many years absence, and this one bug is becoming a bit of a show stopper to an otherwise excellent piece of software.
    As others have said, Cmd + Shift + T to reopen tabs, or once opened, close Opera completely/properly (Cmd + Q), then reopen and that seems to hold it off for a while.

  • It's a very annoying bug, and I'll switch to other program if not fixed soon

  • Version: 57.0.3098.76
    OS: 10.14

    Still happening. Also I noticed when typing something into address bar and hitting ctrl+enter doesn't complete the domain name but adds a new line to the address bar like a text editor! Opening a separate thread for this issue now.

  • Version : 57.0.3098.76
    OS : 10.14.1

    Still happening too. It has been less frequent in the past weeks but the 4-in-a-row from the last minutes really got my thinking changing my browser. Fixes help but never completely solve the problem...

  • Version: 57.0.3098.102
    OS: 10.14.1

    The bug is still here. Very annoying. No other software on my machine demonstrates this issue so I assume it's an Opera bug.

  • This thing seriously annoying. When it can be fixed?

  • Hi all,

    I'm having headaches with this issue. I didn't customised any shortcut in Opera and from time to time when I use the Command + W shortcut to close a tab the complete Opera Window is closed. Without any error message.

    Other Opera windows are still open so I'm sure I'm not accidentally hitting Command + Q.

    Any clue how to fix this?


  • Known issue.

  • This post is deleted!
  • For now, there is a temporary work aroun: After you've hit Command + W (and the window closes instead of the tab) do the following: Command + N (to open a new window) followed by Command + Shift + T (to re-open the last tab). This will actually open the last window you've closed including all tabs (granted it wasn't an incognito window).

  • Yes I tried that too. Hasn't happened once since I reinstalled Opera yesterday...

  • For me the best workaround for this issue is:

    1. Open again opera
    2. Chooce "History" option from the top
    3. Choose option: reopen last closed window
  • This just happened to me too (and not for the first time either)...

    Opera Stable 57.0.3098.116
    macOS Mojave 10.14.2
    MacBook Pro+Touch Bar (mid-2016)

  • @shintoplasm01

    Presumably this is now being fixed in the Developer version 59 (under DNA-73684). I've asked if this could at least be backported to the upcoming Stable 58...