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different search engines for instant search

  • Hello fellow forum members,

    I'd like to suggest a change to the instant search feature.

    As the "new" feature has been introduced some time ago now I was really missing one thing which made me not use the feature all that much.

    The missing point has been being able to choose a different search engine apart from google, such as duckduckgo, bing or whatever you may prefer.

    Since the search box in the address bar can be configured for other search engines it would be nice to see the same happen to the instant search feature in a coming update.

    I would definetely use the feature mor often.

    kind regards


  • You can use keywords to search using different search engines.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Any updates on this? Hilarious that I opera is so bound to Google search.

  • Instant Search uses the same search engine of the one at start page, so it can be different depending on where you live.

    Regarding updates, we will see if and when a release with that request/suggestion is released.

  • If Instant Search uses the same search of the one at start page, I would like to be able using keywords on start page too(I mean in Google search box).

  • @leocg This is incorrect. I changed my start page to Duck Duck Go and the browser is still using Google for instant search

  • You changed your speed dial search engine?

  • @zendog Incorrect is to reply to a five months topic and even don't read what was write.

  • @leocg Incorrect is your usage of the English language.

  • @zendog Not my first language so, yes, I can make mistakes eventually.

  • In general opera could be more open to other search engines. It's quite a common and since some time a criticized problem that opera is so fixed on google. The only option we have is to use the shortcuts and to change the default browser, which does not (but should) work for instant search etc.
    Furthermore, it should be possible to add other engines like qwant, ecosia etc.
    Both should not be too hard to implement, but users wait for some of this for years.

  • I just downloaded Opera to use instead of Chrome, and I do NOT want to use Google as my search engine. Why does Opera ask which search engine I want to use as my default, and give me lots of choices including Bing and DuckDuckGo, and then not actually use it? Since the google bar is what appears on my default page, I'm clicking on Bing in my bookmarks instead. But here's my real question: What are they using as a search engine in their actual URL bar? How can we know?

  • Okay, I answered my own question by typing a search in the URL... and it defaulted to DuckDuckGo, as I requested. So at least I can rest assured that when I type a search in the URL bar, it will use not use Google, which is my biggest concern. I hardly ever use a "search bar" to do a search anyway. It's the URL search that's important.