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I can't upload and download images in My Flow.

  • I use Opera Touch 1.0.2 on iOS 12 of iPhone 8. I can't upload images to My Flow by Opera Touch. And When I uploaded images to My Flow by Opera for PC, I couldn't watch and download these images by Opera Touch. Will these features be supported?

  • Images from where? The image itself will have to be somewhere (on a server) where it is accessible to the internet, Opera has no plans to store the images on its servers.

  • @sgunhouse Hello! Thank you for replying! I could upload image from local PC to My Flow by Opera for PC.

    1. Click this button.


    2. Select the file.

    0_1538607791189_ 2018-10-04 7.40.35.png

    3. Uploaded!


    So, I thought this image show in My Flow of Opera Touch. But this image didn't show.


    And I thought I can upload the image in my iPhone to My Flow by Opera Touch. So, I tapped the arrow button. But Nothing happened.

    It was written in official blog that Opera Touch can share links, images, videos or notes by Flow. And It was written in Help page, too.

    Official blog↓↓

    "A final addition which rounds up the browsing experience is Flow, Opera’s innovative way of allowing users to share links, images, videos or notes with themselves"

    Help page↓↓

    "My Flow is the space shared between Opera Touch and your Opera desktop browser where you can send links, YouTube videos, photos, and personal notes and access them at any time from your connected phone or computer."

    Does not these mean to be able to upload image from local to My Flow by Opera Touch and Opera for PC?

  • Not upload. If an image is available on the web. you can share it (and the image will be fetched to show in Opera Touch). It's like these forums used to be - you could include an image in a forum post, but it had to be hosted somewhere online before you could do that. (The current software does allow upload to their servers, but the old software didn't.)

  • @sgunhouse Hi! If Opera Touch and Opera for PC can't upload images from local, What does mean this arrow button of My Flow? Why does file select dialog show by clicking this allow button in Opera for PC?

    alt text

  • Today morning, Opera Touch's connect was disable. And this word showed in My Flow. I think that Opera has the plan to upload local file to Flow. Is it true?

    0_1538864433793_Opera Touch「Flow」は将来ファイルのアップロードに対応? - 2.png

    Incidentally, this arrow button disappeared from Opera Touch and Opera for PC.