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Suggestion regarding Opera forum feedback.

  • If you close out feedback about the opera forums posted in the forums because it isn't the right location, it seems unuseful, if not negligent to not post a link to the right location. I see no place for suggestions or feedback regarding forums for Opera. Instead I see a help topic under which I see forums, so to get help on the forums, I clicked on that and end up right back here.

    If the forums are the place to discuss opera suggestions and features, it seems that feedback about how such suggestions are posted and handled would also be in opera's forums. Suggestions and new features for Opera doesn't say it is limited to the browser. Please consider that Opera is the name of company / organization developing Opera and feedback about the Opera suggestion and feature process would seem to be very relevant to the user's experience of opera.

    I came here to make a suggestion for a strongly needed feature for Opera, but find the entire process to be more than a little "off-putting" and unfriendly. Is this how Opera has been implemented -- to be user unfriendly? If so, then my suggestion in the area of improving Opera's user friendliness (I am not being specific because I'm not sure that this forum is very friendly to new suggestions and features) may be out of place. Even the process of reporting a serious lacking in Opera's user friendliness is very difficult.

    First, I have difficulty in finding a place to give feedback about opera.
    Then I have problems logging in because the password requirements have changed and my old password no longer works. I go for the reset password option and get the email and am told to change it to something I'll remember better next time. I had no problem remembering -- I had it written down in a password manager. The problem was (I'm guessing) the old password not meeing all of the new requirements. I don't know, because all I knew was my old password didn't work and didn't have an upper case letter in it.

    I then try to change my password on, using Opera, to something that meets the new rules, only to find that Opera won't let me change my password!

    I type in a new password meeting the requirements, and I get little green checkmarks next to each password box, but when I press save, I get an error message restating the password requirements (12 chars, upper+lower case+number). It doesn't tell me what is wrong, just restates the requirement no matter what I type.

    So I bring up another browswer (the one I first used to d/l opera), and entered the same password I'd entered in reset dialog in Opera only to have it work in a non-opera browser.

    Then I again search for where to submit my suggestion / needed feature only to guess, that maybe I would raise the issue in the forums and at least find out where to submit the issue. There I find some confusion, as my feature relates to Opera on Windows and see a generic suggestions and new feature forum. I go to read a sample of both to find where it might be better for me to post only to find in the first post I looked at, a rather harsh treatment of a Opera-forum newbie (as, obviously, I am as well). Feeling empathetic, I tried to repost their suggestions in the suggestion forum only to have it closed off because I commented about how the previous writer's suggestions had been tossed on the floor by a moderator, who then tossed my post with their suggestions on the floor saying that the suggestions should have been given in the forum feedback location because I had reworded the original user's suggestions so they would more clearly be understood as suggestions or new features. NO, I AM NOT TROLLING -- this is happening exactly as I am writing it... I came to write a suggestion/needed feature and ran into everything else when I got here -- and I still haven't gotten to the suggestion -- as I ran into all these problems trying to submit the suggestion! Before I even can submit the suggestion, I'm exhausted by all the problems getting to submitting a suggestion, making me wonder how many people just give up before then actually suggest anything because of all the problems encountered in trying to make one. I see there are many people who either didn't have the problems, or persisted, but am amazed at all the problems I run into just trying to submit a suggestion and the lack of "niceness" or civility on the part of those who might receive the suggestions.

    Anyway, I don't know if I'll get an answer to any of the problems I ran into in trying to make a suggestion / feature request, or even a location to repost the problems (as it seems there is no way for them to simply be forwarded or moved to the right "queue"), but I'l have to take a break before I consider posting a suggestion, because I'm exhausted getting to this point.

    Thank you for your friendly and kind treatment as I try to "contribute".


  • First thing you should do in a forum is read its rules:

    Second thing is to read the topic, know its sections and (sub)forums, learn where to post what.

    After that you may think about creating your own topics.