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Smart RSS Extension Not Working

  • Okay, let me preface this by saying that I already have this Smart RSS extension working properly on MY system.

    My inquiry is on behalf of a friend. I showed her step by step how to install the Smart RSS extension and how to subscribe to her Blog's and my Blog's comments. By the feedback that she gives me, the extension IS installed properly as evidenced by the RSS icon being present to the right of the URL Address window.

    The problem: My friend says she's just not getting ANY notifications / feeds to any of the comments on our Blogs.

    I even had her delete the subscriptions and then resubscribe. Still no feeds. Then I had her uninstall the Smart RSS extension and then reinstall it. And yet, apparently still no notifications / feeds to any comments. She's even tried clicking on the Refresh Button that would normally update the feeds and still no feeds.

    Any insight? Is there anything else that could be causing her to not receive any feeds? Could either the Firewall, Windows version or Opera version affect this?

    I am using Opera 20.0.1387.91 while my friend is using the latest Opera 21 version.
    I am using Windows XP while my friend is using probably Windows 7.

    Any other similar RSS Feeds extension that my friend could try?

  • Which URL for the feeds are not working? I'd linke to test.

  • It's really not a case of any particular URLs not giving her feeds.
    The only subscriptions from which she is trying to get feeds right now are those of the POSTS and COMMENTS from my Blog and her Blog. Both are BlogSpot Blogs. And since I am receiving feeds perfectly fine from those same subscriptions, that shows that those particular feed sources are not the problem.

  • No problems getting feeds with Smart RSS here. The only issue is with links that don't open when i click on them.

  • Is this RSS Zing extension supposed to do more or less the same thing as the Smart RSS extension?

    Any similar or better extension over at Chrome that will do the job of Smart RSS?

    What's the link to that extension that has to first be installed in order to be able to download extensions from Chrome?

  • What's the link to that extension that has to first be installed in order to be able to download extensions from Chrome?

    It's called 'Download Chrome Extension', available here

  • Thanks, Linuxmint7.
    I guess I'll take a look in there myself as well.

  • Okay, follow up question.
    I can see the Download Chrome Extension extension is now installed.
    Now ... how do I bring it up so that I can check out the Chrome Store?
    Where is there an icon on which to click or whatever?
    I don't have to do this via Chrome Browser, do I?

  • Once you click you want the Chrome extension/ and download, then to install it, you need to go to your extensions, find the Chrome one you just added, and manually click install.

  • Nnnnggg, I'm still missing something here.
    In other words, how do I get access to the Chrome Store from inside HERE in Opera Browser?
    Cuz I'm guessing the entire catalog of Chrome Store Extensions aren't going to be displaying in the Opera add-ons section.

  • Got it. Thanks, Burnout.
    I started checking it out, but didn't get around to achieving a thorough look around. For some reason, maybe because of that slide show ... SOMETHING in that website gives my computer a brutal workout. After 5 or so minutes, my computer reaches 84 to 96% CPU usage. Yikes! And one or both fans in my computer are operating at seemingly beyond Max speed with a freakin' Jet engine sound that I was expecting my computer to lift off any second.

    I tried it around 3 times, but I wound up having to abort every time and close the Tab for fear of one or both fans flying off the side of my computer.

    My Dial Up was probably a factor. But, still, no other website or task has ever given my computer such a brutal workout. Odd.