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Context menu: Search hijacked after installing Edge

  • Dear readers,

    Opera for Android is my browser of choice on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet.
    After installing Edge (no, no, only for testing 😁 ) I noticed that the Search in the (long press) context menu is redirected from "search with Google in Opera" to "search with Bing in Edge".

    I want my previous action restored.
    Removing Edge is a possibility because the previous "search" action is reverted again but it would be nice to have the "search" to my liking (i.e. definitely not Bing).

    All information and ideas welcome.
    .- Is it possible to revert that, without removing Edge?
    .-And if so, where and how can I do that?

    Thanks in advance,
    Regards, a3ano

  • Did you look at settings to see if default search engine wasn't changed?

  • @leocg
    I had checked the Opera settings but the default search engine is unchanged and still Google.
    I also noticed that the same has happened when I do a long press context-search in Chrome.
    It may be that the context menu is not a browser setting but a device setting. Although the problem does not appear in Frefox.

    Regards, a3ano.

  • @a3ano I can see the problem. Could you please let me know your device model. In my case, i can see two "search" option in my context menu. One of them opens in Edge and another in same browser. I checked in on Nexus 5X device. I believe Edge has added their own context menu option which is Android context menu and can be used by any browser.


  • @neetesha
    Thanks for your investigation.

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, codename SM-T810.
    And, for what it's worth. the useragent string is.
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SM-T810 Build/NRD90M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.158 Safari/537.36 OPR/47.3.2249.130976

    Based on your investigation it seems that Edge updates the search site to Bing, but this can be changed in the Edge settings. But worse is that it also hijacks the browser. Bad.

    Please keep me informed about your conclusions.
    Regards, a3ano.

  • @neetesha I have this problem as well.
    The long press context menu, regardless of the app I'm in at the time, has an item named "SEARCH" that now opens my default browser and searches the selected text with Bing.
    I assumed Edge browser was/is the culprit (this is confirmed, correct?)
    But unfortunately, even after uninstalling Edge, the "SEARCH" option still searches with Bing..
    Is there anything I can do, setting I can change, etc. that will just change "SEARCH" to use Google instead of Bing?

  • Huh. The only thing I'm finding is (in Android's Settings) > Google > Search and Voice Input ... though as I've never installed Edge it may be that there's something added to Apps > (click the gear/cog icon at the top).

    Though under Apps as well the 3 dot menu includes "Reset app preferences". Probably resets all default apps (hence may be overkill) but that ought to include search preferences.