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Opera Mail - stop imap accounts from fetching emails automatically

  • i have a few IMAP accounts in Opera Account, i want them to fetch new emails only when i ask them to.

    Currently, inside Account Properties of each imap account, i have unchecked "Check for new messages every #minutes" and also "Include this account when checking manually".

    But all my IMAP accounts are still downloading emails automatically whenever they receive a new email message.

    Are there any ways where i can totally turned off fetching of new emails automatically in Opera Mail , the imap account will only check for new email messages when i clicked on their Inbox

  • I don't think it's possible. Using IMAP is like being directly connected to the server, so every time a new message arrives, you will see it.

  • Settings > Work Offline will disable all internet access by Opera Mail - just remember to turn it back on when you want to send queued messages and/or check for new mail.

  • Close down Opera and edit accounts.ini in the "mail" folder. See "Menu -> About Opera Mail" for the location.

    Under the section for the each IMAP account, look for IMAP IDLE support=1 and set it to 0. That should stop Opera from establishing an IDLE connection on the Inbox and or currently-selected folder every time a connecting to the server is made to fetch mail.

    Opera might still try to check for new messages on startup. I forget if you can prevent this, but you should at least be able to delay it by looking for Initial Poll Delay=5 for each account in accounts.ini and setting it to a high number of seconds.

    Also in the mail folder is an IncomingN.txt file for each IMAP account where N is the number for the account as seen in accounts.ini. There you can force a single connection if you want.

    On the "Incoming" tab in each account's properties in Opera, you can adjust offline availability so that Opera only fetches a message completely when you click on it and then loads it from disk after that (the default), or fetches all of each message automatically, or doesn't cache the message on disk at all and refetches from the server each time you load it. It's up to you. You can also turn on "do not download attachments" to only have them download at your request. It can affect HTML messages though. You can also use low-bandwidth mode (which implies "do not download attachments"), but that can affect syncing. It's up to you.

    Now, after disabling IDLE support and setting the intial poll delay to a high number, if clicking on "Inbox" doesn't automatically establing a connection, you might have to use the check/send drop-down on the mail panel toolbar to check for new messages for the specific account. Or, just click check and and set "include this account when checking manually" in each of the account's properties.

    Now if you're just starting with Opera Mail, when creating each IMAP account with the account wizard, you're going to want to leave the username and password blank. Then, after the account is complete, you'll go into its settings, tweak them how you like, close out of those settings, close Opera, edit accounts.ini, start Opera, go into each account's settings and enter your username and password on the servers tab. That way there's no initial download without your custom settings.