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Lost many years of favorites after upgrading..!

  • I upgraded from ver 44.0 to ver 55. and lost all my favorites... I had saved for years..!
    What can I do...? I loved using opera and really feel let down.Please help and thankyou for reading.

  • This is one of the reasons for don't stay a long time without updating.

    Was sync enabled? Do you see anything in the bookmarks page?

  • Thankyou for replying...No, sync was not enabled and to my horror there was nothing in the bookmarks page..........

  • I will try to search windows for Opera's bookmarks. What is the extension? (*.extension)..?
    I am using Windows 7 SP1.....

  • The file is called 'Bookmarks' and it's on Opera's profile folder.

  • @leocg Computer>Local Disk [C:]>Program Files>Opera>...?! I have searched all thru Opera's files and do not see a profile folder.

  • Menu > about Opera for the path to profile folder.
    Usually it's under %appdata%

  • @leocg Computer>Local Disk [C:]>Windows>System32>config>systemprofile>AppData>Roaming>Opera Software>Opera Stable..."Bookmarks File" is listed, "Bookmarks.bak"is liosted and"BookmarksExtras" File is listed...No icon to the left of each file, just a square looking piece of paper..Windows cannot open these files and is asking me to use the web service to find the correct program.....!
    Am I on the right track..?

  • Open the file in a text editor and check if you can see your bookmarks listed in it.

  • @leocg I was able to open the Bookmarks.Bak and the text only listed current saves, and there were only a few....

  • @troyr It should be at "C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Bookmarks". Open that with a text editor.

  • @burnout426 There is NO AppData after my Name...!

  • Windows hide Appdata by default, you need to unhide it in Explorer. Check if you can access it by typing %appdata% on Explorer.

  • @leocg After fumbling around and unhiding Windows explorer files I was able to see my Appdata files and browse Bookmarks with wordpad....They look like my old bookmarks...but am uncertain...

  • Copy that bookmarks file to a safe place first. Then, we can do a test.

    Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation" and install. When that Opera launches, close it. Right-click the safe copy of the Bookmarks file and choose "copy". In "profile\data" in that Opera folder on your desktop, right-click in a blank space and choose "paste". Tell Windows to replace the existing Bookmarks file. Then, start that Opera via launcher.exe in its folder. When that Opera launches, hit ctrl + shift + b to open bookmarks. In "imported bookmarks", do you see your bookmarks?

    If so, at the bottom left of bookmarks, you can choose to export the bookmarks as an HTML file. Then, in your normal Opera, choose to import that HTML file that you exported and you should get your bookmarks back. You can then drag them from the "imported bookmarks" to "other bookmarks" (and or the "bookmarks bar") if you want.

    (You shouldn't have to do that if your bookmarks are already in your normal Opera's Bookmarks file. But, if they're not showing up in Opera, doing that stuff might fix it.)

  • I cannot find "profile" or "Data" within the new Opera folder...!

  • There's no folder called'profile', there's a profile folder whose path you find in Menu > about Opera.

  • I HATE Opera sync.

    Best way to insure you always have a copy of your old bookmarks is each time you do an upgrade/update, go to your profile folder, and copy the "Bookmarks" file to a safe place, either on your computer and also to an external USB drive or a data card. DO that EVERY time Opera updates.

    Sync is not always the easiest/best way to preserve bookmarks and passwords. The newest Opera has an option to export your passwords also.

  • Sync is not for backups. No synchronization service is.

  • @troyr When doing a standalone installation the a folder named "profile" will be there right inside the installation folder next to launcher.exe.