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New (lack of) Opera menu bar is UNUSABLE

  • I am finding the new opera menu bar completely unusable.

    If you have multiple tabs open, there is now hardly any space on the top bar where you can click so that you can move the entire window around. As seen in the image below, you can only click near the + sign for adding a new tab, but if you have even more tabs open you won't be able to click anywhere. I routinely use my mouse to drag the opera window around, so I am finding the removal of this functionality (quite basic for any other application) really annoying. I also use the title bar to double click to make the window fullscreen. This is now impossible without searching for the small bit of clickable space next to the tabs.

    Please bring back some form of a title and menu bar. Even better, allow the normal gtk max/min/close buttons. The current setup is ridiculous.

    0_1535481532316_Screenshot from 2018-08-28 11-33-39.png

  • In most (but not all - in some it is an option) window managers if you hold Alt you can drag by clicking anywhere in the window. But even then there should be enough space above the tabs to drag the window. However, neither dragging nor tabs has anything to do with the lack of a menu bar - you drag a window by it's title bar.

  • @sgunhouse in the new Opera for Linux there is no title bar. As you can see in the image posted there is no space above the tabs, not enough to drag the window. The new Opera update completely removed the title bar. It would be nice if the user could enable a setting to use the default window manager window style, so there would be a title bar. Yes, I can drag the window with the Alt key, but why should I drag windows one way when using Opera and a different way for every other application on my system? Every other application keeps the default windows manager title bar, I don't see why Opera shouldn't either.

  • So you don't use Firefox - they don't keep the titlebar either.

  • The most recent version of Firefox does allow the use of a title bar. It can be enabled in the Cutomize menu. Chrome also has the title bar, as does Vivaldi.

  • There is a way to restore the title bar in Kubuntu so probably the same method applies to vanilla Ubuntu.

    Try setting a Window Rule for Opera windows. In KDE we do this under System Settings > Window Rules and set 'No title bar and frame' to 'Force' and 'No'. That's how I got mine back.

    There is a quick guide to restoring Opera the menu bar here.

  • @vr51 Thank you for the suggestion! The article you linked is nice, but I haven't found a way to do this in vanilla ubuntu yet. I installed compiz, which seemed to offer many of the custom settings available in KDE, but it doesn't have the options described in the article for forcing a title bar/frame.

  • Hi @ricitron,
    1. Regarding the lack of the Opera's menu, you can try to run the Opera with the following switch: /usr/bin/opera --show-opera-menu.
    2. On bringing back the GTK window decorations, you can try the following steps: open a new shell window, and run: /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator --replace &>/dev/null &. If it still dosn't show up, click the Restore/Maximize button, and see if this helps.

  • @l33t4opera said in New (lack of) Opera menu bar is UNUSABLE:

    1. On bringing back the GTK window decorations, you can try the following steps: open a new shell window, and run: /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator --replace &>/dev/null &. If it still dosn't show up, click the Restore/Maximize button, and see if this helps.

    This bit implies that compiz-gnome is installed and used as window manager for gnome, thus it is useless for the ones not using gnome or compiz at the very least.

  • @l33t4opera thanks for the suggestions! Suggestion 1 started showing an opera logo in the upper left of the window, but still no title bar. Suggestion 2 didn't work as @jimunderscorep mentioned, because I'm using 16.04 with Unity. Will it definitely work in GNOME? Maybe it's time to upgrade to 18.04.

  • Hi @ricitron, you're welcome, the above tips are only workarounds for the issues, they may work or not under various circumstances. Do you have installed the compiz-gnome package? If not, then install it, run the command mentioned above again, and check if this helps.

  • @l33t4opera thanks again for the suggestion. I did try it again with compiz-gnome installed, and it still didn't work. Hopefully they add an option to re-enable to the title bar soon.

  • I also don't understand why the title bar buttons have moved to the right to match the Windows style rather than unix

  • Hi @ricitron, not at all ;-) You can try to log out and log in again to your user account, and see if it helps. Yep, it would be nice if it can be added/unified for majority of the desktops in the future.

  • This must by far be the most useless change ever!!
    I makes my tabs go "micro" sized because i use the whole tab bar when surfing. Not a nice surprise.
    And i have found no way to change it sitting on Ubuntu 18 and Opera 55.
    And the fact that the HTML% needs to be redone every time there is an upgrade to the browser. As of this update i cant even play games on FB .
    I need ti switch browser if this doesn't go away in a hurry. 😞