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Ubuntu 18.04 how to transfer speed dial/bookmark... from Windows to Ubuntu?

  • I was a Windows user, just installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my pc with a dual boot (Win 8.1 & Ubuntu 18.04), I have these questions:

    1. is it possible to share Opera profile between Ubuntu & Win? if so, how? I can't find the answer on the net, maybe I'm not looking at the right place.
    2. if not possible, how can I transfer my profile in Windows to Ubuntu? what's the location where Opera saves the profile?
      ps: I tried sometime ago to use export/sync, the problem with it is that all the groupings and order are lost, so you have to redo it all over again.
  • Best option would be to use Sync.

  • As I said, using sync all my groupings and orders are lost, I have to do it one by one, so there's not much difference than create one from scratch, which defeats the purpose of sync. It seems to me that sync was designed for users who started from scratch, and increases the numbers of speed dial slowly, but when someone has a vast amount of speed dial/bookmark, the sync will just flat out all the bookmark/speed dial, making the grouping much more difficult.

  • @michaelbr I will be experiencing the same soon, and wonder if one could not just export it from your Windoz Opera(?) and then Import it using the Linux version.

    At quick look I do not see any option to export/import, and am not all that savvy with Opera yet. Perhaps a plugin/add-on would help? Just a thought.


  • @internaut I just tested by using export function in Opera and imported into FF in Linux, it seems all the groupings are kept. I tried to use Opera in Ubuntu, but had several problems with it (difficulty to install Flashplayer, computer freezes for few seconds when some sites trying to open ads by opening additional browsers, etc.), so I guess I'll using FF instead of Opera in Ubuntu (I opened the same sites in FF and it did not freeze!).

  • @michaelbr Thanks. I was hoping Opera wasn't going to be as finicky as the others and not pimp out my Internet usage. I've taken to shopping the paid browsers - but the cost of maintaining my right to privacy is getting too expensive. Easier, and almost worth it to shoot the router. 🙂

    Good luck with FF.