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Clicking the top of a tab takes me to the start of the page

  • I want to be able to deactivate this feature, I hate going to a tab and clicking at the top and being scrolled all the way to the top, sometimes you do this unaware and in pages that have infinite scrolling this will cause the page to unload all the content.

    Is this possible? If so, how? I really dislike this feature, why would I want to click on the tab to go to the tab of a page? I have the "Home" key on the keyboard for that!

    Please do something about this, I love Opera and have been a user for years, but this feature is really annoying.

  • @insanemau Hi, go to opera://flags, type "tab" and disable "Scroll Active Tab on Click". Not mine, i learned it from this forum.

  • Just an FYI. In upcoming versions of Opera, the flag will be gone and there will be a checkbox for it in settings instead.

  • @panosv Thanks a lot! Didn't know about this settings page

  • That is not a settings page but the flags page where experiments can be enabled or disabled. Any of them can be removed in a next update.