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Delete everything on exit AUTOMATICALLY

  • Re: [Upon exit](delete all history and site data feature)
    OK, Opera is a good browser, I even use it on my mobile devices. But I feel very strongly that the company does not take security seriously. Why can't there be a setting to delete all history, cookies, etc. AUTOMATICALLY on exit. Having to remember to do that manually every single time one exits the program is a hassle and unnecessary in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. And I feel violated when I open the browser and begin typing a URL that is NOT in my bookmarks, only to have Opera try to autocomplete it. Where is the privacy and security? Come on guys, it's not difficult to implement these simple, valuable improvements.

  • Maybe because the vast majority of users don't keep cleaning their browsing data every time they use the browser?

    Anyway, you can always request it or support one that already exists, in the proper forum for this.

  • I agree with massimouno

    and ... is not necessary that the option is fixed and not selectable


  • You can do your browsing in private windows if you want. When you close the window, your history etc. is gone. You can also start Opera in a private window with:

    "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe" --private

    In Opera's settings, under Privacy and Security, you can:

    • Uncheck "Use a prediction service...".

    • Uncheck "Predict network actions...".

    • Uncheck "Protect me from malicious sites".

    • Check "Send a 'Do not track' request...".

    Under the Cookies section, you can set "keep local data only until I quite my browser".

    Under the Autofill section, you can turn off autofill if you want.

    Under Browser -> Security, you can turn off speed dial suggestions.

    There's opera://flags/#enable-history-entry-requires-user-gesture, opera://flags/#unified-consent, and opera://flags/#remove-navigation-history you can experiment with.

    You can enable chrome://flags/#disable-hyperlink-auditing.

    You can use some extensions for added privacy.

  • Opera used to have that Option but for some reason it`s been discontinued.

  • Opera Chromium never have such option.

    Opera Presto had but it was a different product.