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Pasting words into searchbar will sometimes attempt loading a website instead

  • Sometimes but not rarely when I copy/paste a word into the search bar, I will be directed to a website or sometimes the result shows as a missing/unknown website error as if I typed in a link instead.

  • Did the words include an embedded period? A single letter at the start which might force it to a different search engine?

    A search is a website, it is possible that you lost signal just then and Opera couldn't reach the search engine.

  • @sgunhouse Sometimes it is something like this 0_1534405469010_Opera but sometimes a website will open of the same phrase/word.

  • There is a keyboard shortcut to automatically add www. and .com to the address bar and attempt to go to that site; you must accidentally be hitting that shortcut - I believe it is Ctrl-Enter. If you are using the keyboard, make sure you release the modifier key(s) before pressing Enter.

  • @sgunhouse I must be a idiot 😕

    And how can I disable this macro?

  • @dictatordedede

    Sometimes but not rarely when I copy/paste a word into the search bar,

    I have an alternative theory, but I may be wrong:

    Opera uses Ctrl+Shift+V as default keyboard command to call up a web page being in the clipboard comfortably immediately.

    If you use this key combination sometimes inadvertently instead of just CTRL+V, depending on what is currently in the clipboard, this phenomenon could possibly be triggered.

    To check, change or delete that keyboard shortcut, open Opera's preferences and search for Paste and go.

  • @sgunhouse Unfortunately... I cannot find ctrl+enter in the shortcuts manager