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Opera crashing and rests to default

  • V54.0.2952.64 WIN 8 64 bit.
    Constantly freezing and crashing. Normally keeps settings when restarting. HOWEVER, if my laptop crashes or gets turned off, when restarting Opera mostly reverts to the defaults, meaning I have to hunt/restore speed dial, reset all my settings and extensions.

    Last few versions seem to have got worse - to the stage where I am thinking of not using anymore.

  • ok...I checked out your link.
    How can I check if any extension etc is causing is random. much of the time it's ok with all extensions/ad blocker etc...then sometimes the same elements present it crashes.
    Here is the other information:
    Your OS (Linux, Mac, Windows)

    Your version of Opera
    V54.0.2952.64 - been happening last few versions

    If the problem is with a page, a link to it
    Not linked to any site/page

    A screen-shot of the problem if it's related to something not showing as should

    A description of the problem, including as much as information as possible.
    Will freeze/crash. On restart it's ok.
    If laptop crashes THEN it defaults to original settings and I have to restore everything in Opera.

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue
    Cannot reproduce to is random

    Expected behaviour and actual one
    Would expect it to restore to last settings....NOT default

  • @gprit What about trying with a clean profile?

  • done - as I said it's difficult to tell if anything has worked as it is random.

  • Still freezing and crashing - but ok when re-opened.

  • Just checked. After changing password to opera auth from other browser, sync in Opera doesnt work and the browser doesn't freeze. SO OperaSync freezes browser.

  • oops.....crashed again and THIS time defaulted back to original - had to delete lazada/amazon etc reset all my settings and addons. This is rediculous. Can someone point me to where my profile/addons are stored so I can back up and just restore them?

  • Thank you - crashed this morning again....restored ok. Actually got a message:
    "The instruction at 0x94ad783f referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written. Click ok to terminate the program"

  • @gprit this is probably way off.. but on your laptop is auto hide taskbar on.. if so turn it off

  • @gprit did ya get things to work 'n.. *just check 'n..

  • @nvmjustagirl never did solve it...and it keeps happening. Every time I have to restore from a saved copy and reimport bookmarks/speeed dial...get rid of Amazon etc......I think it's time I went back to Firefox which has improved immensley, and is quicker.

  • @gprit after you did what leocg asked

    @gprit What about trying with a clean profile?

    you said this - (Still freezing and crashing - but ok when re-opened.)

    especially after do 'n the new profile thingy..

    ya may need to un-install opera completely & re-install..

    But let that be the Last Resort..

    i'd say your ram and disk drive are ok..

    so try this and check - virtual memory settings - By default, Windows 8 manages the paging file size for all drives


    if ya have checked the (Custom size) then ya may need to adjust it..

    Also try this it will not hurt anything..

    go to Command Prompt (admin) and type sfc /scannow

    it will take a few to finish - then reboot.. and run Opera again.. to see if it helps..

  • @nvmjustagirl - than for all the information but really I don't have time to try adjusting/reinstalling etc etc. I have now switched back to Firefox, and it works properly(!). It's been rebuilt, works properly and now also has a speed dial, which is one reason I liked Opera.

  • @gprit You're welcome.. and FF sounds Great !..

    The author's thread can now be closed..