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Opera opens spurious window on startup

  • I'm pretty sure this is not an Opera problem, but I don't know how to fix it.

    Lately, when I start Opera, all my tabs come up as expected, but a small extra window opens on . As far as I know I have never visited that website, but I assume I must have clicked on something that causes it. It does not seem to do anything harmful, nor do there seem to be any suspicious links on the page, it just displays some information about laptop batteries. I do not have a laptop, so I'm unlikely to have clicked on anything to start this.

    The question is simply: how do I stop this window from opening every time I start Opera?

    I am running Version 54.0.2952.60.

  • @hdhondt Check the settings to see if the page wasn't added to the list of those that should be launched on start up. Also check if one of the other page isn't opening that one.

    If none of the above is true, start checking your system for malware.

  • @leocg Opera is set to "Continue where I left off". The "specific pages" button is not ticked, and no pages show when I click on "Set pages".

    I am running Malwarebytes (free version) and Zonealarm Extreme Security. Scans with both of them have not shown anything suspicious.

  • @hdhondt What about one of the other pages be triggering the load of that offending page?

    If you close all tabs before closing Opera, is the page loaded when Opera starts?

  • @leocg I've been thinking of resetting Opera to defaults, but I have quite a lot of tabs and special settings. I always start Opera with the same set of tabs, plus a couple of temporary ones - like the one that loads this page.

    I've also noticed it's not consistent. Sometimes I get no instance of the window, at other times I get two.

    I'll think about it for a day or so before I decide.

  • I found the culprit: an extension called Download from Youtube 1.0. I installed that fairly recently because my favourite downloader (Video Downloader Pro) did not work with some Youtube videos - a friend had asked me for help on those. When I installed the extension on his PC, the same problem started.

    As it turned out, Download from Youtube did not download those videos either. I have now removed it from both PCs and the problem has gone away.

  • Topic closed as solved. If in up until to a month the author needs the thread to be reopened, just report it. briefly explaining the reason.