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Three suggestions - Tab menu, Sidebar, Customizable thumbs

  • Coming back to Opera after a year or two "abroad" (Firefox) I see three things I would like changed (that aren't bugs):

    1. I want the feature to edit thumbnails in Dashboard back.
    2. I want the option to remove the tab menu (or MOVE the tab menu).
    3. I would like the option to change the color of the pinned sidebar.
  • @beardedgeek72 One suggestion: Next time try to not mix several suggestions in the same topic, specially when they aren't exactly related.

  • @beardedgeek72 What is dashboard?

  • I would presume Speed Dial. The question then is custom icons or something on the page - the latter is already available though perhaps not obvious.

  • @sgunhouse I realized that. Let's change that then... Edit option for tumbs in the edit function on the actual thumb. 🙂 I found it just an hour ago in the heart. Weird choice.

  • As far as it goes, "items in the page" are only available to Opera when the page is loaded, Not on the speed dial page. Would be nice if they had a dialog when you choose Add to speed dial from the context menu, but Edit isn't on the right page.

  • The heart menu is an extensions, like those addons at the now almost defunkt Opera Addons.

    It's a more comprehensive case to get the heart menu to talk & command speed dial as those both are extensions...

    Mozilla Firefox will likely have solution with this issue as they are making web panels for FF sidebar - but ppl's extension installed on the browser can't affect what goes on at the web panel -> such as ads etc.

    I still remember the time when Opera was the innovator and went to meet others: "hey let's make this kind of protocol". But nooo: FF just upgraded they're ext base and already they are making big progress. So soon.