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  • If I want to rollback my O47 to O46, is that possible, and if so how do I do it??

    Also, if I reset my sync so that there is no data on Opera's servers, then sync my O47 to upload my bookmarks and speed dial...can I then uninstall O47, and install O46, and then sync this earlier version, will my bookmarks and speed dial be synced on to my newly installed O46??

    Any help will be appreciated. I am not happy with problems with password functions in the new O47.


  • @bbildman Try uninstalling OfA and then install it using the APK instead of Play Store.

  • @leocg I use an Amazon Fire HD tablet, which cannot use Google play. Thus I always DL the apk file from the Opera web site...and then there is no risk of Opera being automatically updated.

    So, as to my question in the previous post, is it possible to sync 47, then uninstall it, install 46 and sync the bookmarks and speed dial that were uploaded to the sync server by 47.

    I wouldn't be asking this if the password function wasn't broken to some extent in the 47 update. Do you see any possibility that the next update will fix this, and had anyone else reported this issue?? Thanks

  • Backing them up from Opera Desktop doesn't work?

  • I never sync my Opera desktop, I use Opera and Windows 7 and choose 2 Never sync so that my bookmarks and speed dials on the desktop remain static.Thuss my Opera Android has a different speed dial and slightly different bookmarks than Opera desktop.

    So, what I really want to do is roll back to Opera Android 46 and be able to recreate my speed dial and bookmarks. Which is why what I'm planning on doing is filling up the Opera sync server with just my Opera Android 47 speed dial and bookmarks. Then uninstall 47, download 46 from an Opera web page rather than Google Play so that the automatic update won't take place, install 46, and sync the speed dial and bookmarks back into 46.

  • You can download Opera for Android 46 from

  • @bbildman

    I imagine you use 2 ID's or just the Desktop is not Sync'd?

    Desktop and Mobile Bookmarks are on separated folders, so they will not be mixed, then, my suggestion to surely keep your data, is to Sync to a Desktop version.

    Using a Portable version, wipe all Opera bookmarks, restart, and then Sync everything you want to "Back up".

    After that, you can export Bookmarks and Passwords right from Desktop and downgrade quietly.

  • @zalex108 This is a little funny, because the ONLY reason I am considering this is because O47 does not insert my login data on some site that worked perfectly with latest version of O46. If O47 would do this, I could just forget about syncing etc. That O47 DOES have the passwords listed in the settings, and will NOT insert them on some pages that 46 did before has stumped me. Wish I could just have O47 working perfectly like 46 did.


  • @bbildman

    Then, this would be good to take in count the Back up if it's worth.

    Here is an example on how the Mobile devices bookmarks are managed.