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Password Function Not Working In New O47

  • "Improved password saving"

    Not on my tablet::

    Unfortunately, I updated and now my passwords are there in the settings, but when I go to login/passworded pages that previous version filled in, the login/password is not longer filled in. So...when I login on my own and exit the page, once again, I have to fill in the login data on my own to re-enter the site.

    Also I logged in to a bank site that O47 already had the password for, and when I was logged in Opera asked me if I wanted to save the password, and said "Save" and yet after I logged out, it STILL did not enter my login data. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    A step backward here... 😞

    Also when I go to settings/passwords, I see the login data, but the password is not accessible.

    Is there going to be a fix for this??

    If not, how do I go back to O46?? Is that possible??

  • @bbildman said in Password Function Not Working In New O47:

    Also when I go to settings/passwords, I see the login data, but the password is not accessible.

    If you tap on the site/username you will be able to see the password.

  • Hi Leo,

    Did that, it shows my Username, and astericks under the Password, the tapping of either does not result in anything being displayed at all.

    In addition, I deleted the password for that site, and logged in again, no prompt to save password, and yet when I go to the Settings/Passwords, there is the site again listed there, not possible to view the password...nor will Opera log me in. I have to manually do it. 46 operated flawlessly. Did a force stop, thinking maybe that would jolt Opera, but no such luck.

    It seems that SOME sites are working such that O47 enters the login data, others do not, those that do not worked in O46


  • @bbildman on the right of the password field there should be an eye icon. Click on it to see the password, like in the desktop version.

  • In my Saved Password Settings, there is a list of all Saved Passwords. Tapping on any of them gives me "Info," beneath that is Site, to the right of that is the copy icon (2 pages on top of each other); below that, Username with the copy icon to the right on that; below that is the Password, and there is NOTHING to the right of that, no copy icon, no eye icon.

    I feel like I am in an alternate universe

  • @bbildman The eye and copy icon for password will be shown if your phone is having a lock screen security (either pin, pattern pr password) set. For security reason, we don't show option for showing/copying password.

  • I can live with that; however the very spotty malfunctions/but that has made the password function inoperable for many sites is unacceptable, whereas O46 was working perfectly.

    Is there any way to regress back to O46???