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Problem with Flash in one site only

  • Win7 Pro 32-bit, tried all up to date opera channels on desktop. PC is up to date.

    Please bear with me whilst I seek advice from some clever soul.

    I have to visit an online account daily which requires Adobe Flash. This is up to date and works without issue. I've had no recent problems.

    Since recent Opera updates, there are two sections of one site where Adobe flash returns a dark grey screen so I can't see my requested data. Adobe Flash was needed to arrive at that point in the first place, and I've done all necessary testing to eliminate possible issues.

    So I tried using IE on same machine with all Opr channels. There were no issues (except I hate using IE). Opera has been my default browser for ever, with few issues.

    Went to same site on Win10 machine and checked via Edge browser, and again no issues (except I also hate Edge and rarely use it), but was able to view the info requested.

    From Win10, opened Opr Stable, entered the site concerned no problem, then clicked the links in question. (By the way, I have Flash set to ask me first before it opens a link, and I click "allow" at top of page).

    Clicked the link and it wouldn't open, but I noticed a pop-up alert had prevented the link opening, so I allowed it to open, which then presented me with the secure info I was after.

    Went back to Win7 (this machine), checked Opr sett's and noticed pop-ups always blocked, so just for testing set it to always allow then restarted.

    Entered the site concerned, clicked the link for info I wanted, but was again presented with a dark grey page so I couldn't see my data.

    Have contacted provider and everything okay with them.

    Sorry this is so long-winded, but would appreciate any thoughts please? Thank you.
    (Apologies if not correct forum).

  • @operafanuk Did you try adding the site as an exception?

  • @leocg
    Yes Leo, tried that. Sorry if this arrived more than once. PS: What's the red circle for bottom right of this page?
    EDIT: Forgot to mention I've also restarted the launcher, etc.

  • @operafanuk said in Problem with Flash in one site only:

    there are two sections of one site where Adobe flash returns a dark grey screen so I can't see my requested data.

    Have a pic of that dark gray part?

    Even though you said Flash is working and detected on the site, set Flash to "Allow sites to run Flash" just for now for good measure. Then, if that doesn't help, try disabling chrome://flags/#flash-detection-through-navigator-plugins. If it doesn't help, try [Masking as Chrome( just to see if it works.

    Put everything back to how you had it after you're done testing though.

    You could also download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation" and install. Then, test the site with "Allow sites to run Flash" set to see if it works there. If so, there's probably an issue with your Opera profile.

  • @operafanuk said in Problem with Flash in one site only:

    PS: What's the red circle for bottom right of this page?

    The button to disable/enable the (reply) editor?

  • @burnout426
    Hi, already tried with installer, profile etc, and this only started with recent Opera updates, but I think that is coincidental.
    There really is no issue with Adobe Flash v30.0.0.134 and it works well.
    As I mentioned, I needed to use Flash in the first place to get to the point I'm having issues with.
    I used exactly the same sett's on both machines, and also tried with USB portable, with versions 54/55/56.

    All with same results except for that already mentioned above. Tried with VPN and Block Adds disabled. No change.

    As I have no problems elsewhere using Adobe Flash, I'm thinking this may be an issue with the site visited itself even though they say it's not.
    That said, the links are not broken because there are no issues using other browsers, including the site I have to visit, except for the two links mentioned (using Opr), and the fact other browsers show me the requested data.

    Think I may try rolling backing to previous Opera version as there were no issued then.

    Can't put pic up as detail is confidential. Just imagine your viewing a dark grey screen (as though the info had been redacted - if you get my meaning).

    Already tried "Allow sites to run Flash". Same result.

    I will try flags as mentioned (will try that from dev).

    Thank you for your thoughts which are appreciated.

  • @leocg
    Understood, re disable/enable (reply) editor.
    Thank you Leo.