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Why Forced Complaince to Spam Under Threat?

  • Yes, that's a descriptive thread title.

    Why are we being forced to accept Spam under threat of denied access to the boards when trying to ask simple questions?

  • I don't see it - what spam is this?

  • I think @y0y0 refers to the GDPR roadblock that indeed you need to accept in order to use this forums. I want to point out that these forums will never send you any e-mails unless you specifically request them either by subscribing to Digest newsletters or by changing you notification settings to enable e-mail notifications. Everything here is purely opt-in.

    As for the roadblock, that's a legal requirement that we inform you about the data we process and how we process it and obtain your clear consent for such cases. Blame EU.

  • @amatczak then you (meaning Opera since your account has Opera badge, not you specifically) should probably re-word the agreement page one must past to first login to forums, currently its granting permissions for promotional mail, i.e. spam.

  • @divisionbe I must disagree with you on that one.
    The consent regarding email looks like this:


    There is NOTHING here that mentions or "grants permissions" for promotional mail. If you feel differently, please point us to the specific sentence that bothers you, please.

    Once again: Forums send two types of e-mails:

    1. Digest emails - these are Forum's "here's what happened on Opera Forums since last day/week/month" updates. We do not send them unless you opt-in. Here's how it looks like for a fresh account (Profile > Settings):

    2. Notification emails - these inform you about various events (people replying to your topics, sending you chat messages, mentions you, etc). Again, all opt-in:

    You need to intentionally set this to Email only or Notification and email if you wish to receive e-mails about these events.