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Add image/logo on custom speed dials

  • When I go to add a website to the Speed Dial home tab it does not find an image similar to the default Amazon speed dial.

    It just finds a random background color and some weird font.

    How do I add background images to each individual speed dial item? Or is there a way to automatically pick up a background image by default like the older (2yrs) Opera Browser.

  • It's nice if you search for answers, so I don't post the same thing again and again...
    Click on the heart in the address bar. You'll see a palette that shows the current icons along with a couple of arrows, a button with the folder where the site is saved in your Favorites, etc.. Clicking the arrows will cycle through the images found in the page or a screenshot, if you'd rather use those as the icon.

  • @sgunhouse I think what he is looking for (as I am) is to get these images/screenshots carrying over to the speedial on our MOBILE opera browser.

    I just recently got a new phone and installed the latest Android Opera browser and all the speeddial entries are those dumb colored blocks with a letter in them. They used to be screenshots when speed dial entries were created, and that was awesome- you could actually tell what was what. Now, its a giant list of colored Alphabet blocks, you cant even tell what you are looking at, nevermind find the entry you are looking for. They even changed how much of the title shows (shows less now, of course.)

    so that is very frustrating, and I've been trying to figure out how to update those icons for my speed dial entries on my phone.. to screenshots. or anything else, really.

    I followed your instructions, created a speed dial entry using opera on my pc, and clicked the address bar heart, scrolled through some screenshots of the site and added it to my phone's speedial.

    It showed up on the phone... but guess what.. just a colored letter block as before. seemed to ignore my image selection.

    Any advice?

  • Sorry, Sync never did copy images - even on desktop. My bookmarks in Stable have different images than in Developer on the same computer, unless I actually set them to the same image. Mobile used to be like the generic tiles on desktop - the domain name - and my old ones are still like that, but new ones are the single letter you describe.