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High quality resolution on Youtube is not available

  • Hello, I'm having an issue with the selection of the video quality in Youtube. For about two weeks ago it was possible for me to choose 1440p or 2160p, but now I have only the possibility to choose 1080p as highest resolution. I didn't make any changes, so I'm really wondering why it's not working.

    I have tried another browsers, in Safari it's the same, only in Google Chrome it's working, there I can choose between all available resolutions.

    Are there other users like me with the same issue and could somebody help me with this? I'm using a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina, so the performance is fine and the internet speed ist fast as well.

  • When I go to the Youtube HTML5 page, to check the compatibility, WebM VP8 and MSE & WebM VP9 are both unchecked. But as i said before, I didn't make any changes by myself and for about a few weeks it was working fine.

  • I am using an extension, "HD quality for YouTube™ (1080p, 1440p, 2160p)", which I set to default to "highest available quality", and it works.

  • Confirmed. Same happens in Windows too. As far as I see, webm vp8 was released long ago. Something looks like broken in Opera. I dont know exactly about it but l will file bug for the same.

  • @utkarshbisht No problem for me on Windows, all available resolutions are listed.

  • Any example videos?

  • I posted on Disqus too in blog reply 🙂 I will repost here as this looks more specific and geared towards resolution where people can connect...

    An example video is:
    The maximum resolution I can get here in 1080p

    The issue is youtube itself says that the browser is not supported:
    Using 53.0.2907.106 version of Opera to be specific

    Is it possible for issue to persist in private mode (which ideally use different profile) or is it some profile related issue. Or if webm playback is dependent on external system soft, I can see if it updated as necessary.

  • @leocg

    @leocg said in High quality resolution on Youtube is not available:

    @utkarshbisht No problem for me on Windows, all available resolutions are listed.

    Just for validating. Is the subversion of Opera same. My Opera version is 53.0.2907.106 and about section says its up to date.

  • @utkarshbisht I can see a 2160p option among the available resolutions.

    Do you have hardware acceleration turned on? What opera://gpu says about it?

  • Hi,

    Hardware acceleration is turned on in settings. This is what I get in gpu section!AtuPCdgXzkxOhzCQHAVhFj8izvEl

    You being able to see all resolution means theres some issue down there. Any preferred troubleshooting steps besides reinstalling...

  • Hi,

    I just rechecked and it worked now. The only change I made since last time is few driver updates including the Intel Video Driver update that popped up yesterday.

    Do you think this maybe the reason behind it? As html5 test in YouTube also says now that my browser supports all formats. I wonder how Chrome get it working in the first place...

    I am not sure about @rambazamba . Can you check with the same in case any graphics update in pending from Apple

  • @utkarshbisht Drivers not being updated would be my next guess. So, yes, it was probably the cause of the problem.

  • Nopes, the problem re-occurs again...
    Whatever it is, this is affecting only Opera as Chrome works fine all the time.
    Any other troubleshooting steps will be really helpful.

    Just in case, I am now posting gpu flags again in case theres a diff btw older version txt and this one...!AtuPCdgXzkxOhzEWh1yiRR-wbjIK

    Heres the snapshot of youtube page!AtuPCdgXzkxOhzI-EYK7jQPSxum-

    Is there any settings that I can tinker with..?

  • Confirmed, replicated the issue, found the root cause and the workaround. Atleast for me... The ball is in Opera's team to decide if its actually an issue or not.

    Its the battery saver mode in Opera which gets invoked when charger is not connected. It restricts some of the Opera's functionality in some or the other way. The only info I had was Battery saver works by blocking javascript that may look malicious and barring ads which may take their own processing.

    I didnt know it can fiddle with Youtube video quality too. In case this is an issue, Opera can look into it or maybe whitelist it or create some sort of exception. In case its not an issue but rather a functionality, user should get some sort of message or one time message so he can know what Battery saver can do in nut shell...