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Opera is unusable (freezing and laggy) on High DPI display monitor

  • As far back as Opera 40 I have noticed this issue. It is getting worse as more websites are getting affected. The issue is when I use Opera with my laptop screen (UHD 4k display), all of Opera built-in feature pages (Settings, Extensions, History, News feed ...) are freezing and laggy. If a click a button/scroll on those pages, it takes 5 seconds for that click to register and the CPU revs up all the time. I have to close all of the pages for Opera to return to normal.

    Recently I noticed websites can be affected as well, some of examples I list here are from ebays. If I navigate to these websites, scroll to the middle of the page that's when the problem starts. Again, I have to close the page for Opera to return to normal. Say middle click on the tab, 5 seconds later the tab is closed.

    The reason I firmly believe this is DPI scaling issue is this problem only happens when I use Opera with High DPI screen. If that same laptop, I plug to an external 1080p monitor then none of this issue happen. Opera is smooth and responsive like it should be. By the way, Chrome browser does not have this issue ☹ why Opera ?

    I have submitted a bug report with this number: DNAWIZ-29908. Please let me know what I can do to assist your testing.

  • @operahandsdown this may or may not help temporarily..

    rigt click opera shortcut - click properties - Compatibilty tab - Check the box (Disable display scaling on high DPI settings) or sumthing like that.. if it doesn't help leave unchecked..

    and or try this - go to Opera Settings > Advanced Settings > Browser - Scroll down under system, check box (Use Hardware Acceleration when available)

    If Opera is running with Hardware acceleration activated, see if disabling could help the issue to go away..

  • @nvmjustagirl Thank you so much for the suggestions ! Did not try the Compatibility setting but I went to Settings and saw the Hardware Acceleration unchecked so I checked it and restarted Opera. Now for practical purpose the issue no longer exists (although still can't compare with with the responsiveness and smoothness when scrolling on a 1080p display monitor).
    Finally after so many revisions I have this problem fixed thank to you! 😌

  • Would like to report that with Hardware Acceleration enabled, Opera rendering engine seems to crash once in a while, when it does, the whole screen blacks out for a split second then comes back normal. But this is still manageable, just a minor annoyance.

  • @operahandsdown seems like Hardware Acceleration enabled works for you.. would ya mind & disable all extensions esp n e ad blockers.. then see if ya have blackouts..

    also it might help if ya could post what version of windows ya use and if 32 or 64 bit - same with opera version - and what graphics amd - intel - nvida.. Thanks