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  • [ Sorry if this has been addressed before but I can't seem to find any "search" field where I could have checked. ]
    I wish to spare my SSD C: where Windows came pre-installed. To that effect, I'd like to transfer Opera's cache to D:, which is a HD, but the steps I found here and there don't seem to work anymore on the newer versions of Opera, so I'd like to either:

    • learn how to to that (possibly whithout have to loose my cache and favorites and things--though I can export and then import favoristes, even if they come in all mixed)
    • reinstall Opera anew on D:--but it would seem you can't choose the installation directory?
      Thanks a lot for reading . . . and helping?
      Note: Being French I am using the French version, need that be mentioned!
  • Run the installer, and select Options. From there you'll be able to choose a "standalone install" (also referred to as USB install in some versions) which you can install anywhere on your system. No, you can't just move Opera, you have to use the installer.

  • @sgunhouse Thanks a lot! I'll do that, though it'll cost me my cache and my favorites (which I'll ex-import--a great plus that this option is now built in, even if they need to be rearranged). Since Opera is my basic browser (just because it is so much faster than all the others I have tried, including FF) I guess my SSD drive will thank me--did I thank you? 😊

  • Now this is a bit weird! I downloaded the install file and executed it so that this new Opera version would go to D:, because I was planning to try and overwrite whatever new cache I'd find with the C: version. And now I see that I now have two Operas cohabitating, one on C: and one on D:, and the latter just recognised and self-imported my favorites and history and things, which is great (weird bue great). Then again, when I launch the newer Opera, it keeps asking if I want it to be my default browser . . .
    What should I do to keep the 😨 version an delete the C: version without having the system to crash (or worse!) please?

  • You should have both versions under Add/Remove software, uninstall the one that says it is on the C: drive.

  • @genug Sorry! A few things happened hereabove, such as misspellings and an alien smiley, that I hadn't intended to. . .😕

  • It does that ... people making a list have troube with B ) (if you don't put a space in there it is 😎 )

  • @sgunhouse I do see those two indeed! The interface doesn't show the two paths but of course the installation date will do plenty.
    So I'll go "uninstall" and come back and let you know you can close this topic-hopefully! 😌

  • @genug I worked! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

    Now Opera is on D : (😉) and I lost nothing with the new installation.
    Maybe this should be mentioned in some FAQ, because from what I had found on the internet before I came here this is nowhere to be found: "If you want to change the installation place of Opera just reinstall a new version and then delete the former one".
    Something like that, I mean.

    I guess I'll be back on the Help feature, because it never is up-to-date as far as i have experienced up to now.

    And then again there is this problem with the Smileys pop-up window which won't shut down when I click the x since it just selects "Objects" so it won't go until I go "Submit".

  • The smileys list is a forum feature - not an Opera feature - and appears whenever you have a space followed by a colon. Maybe something like Esc would dismiss it, but in the event you type the code for a smiley the corresponding image will appear whether or not the list was shown. My example with the B and ) shows no list, but displays as a smiley wearing shades regardless. Sometimes you can put a backslash in to cancel the smiley, but not always.

    I don't usually close threads unless they are attracting unrelated comments or are themselves inappropriate (wrong forum, etc.) though if you wish I will.

  • @sgunhouse I guess I didn't make myself clear about the smileys list. The problem is that once I have called the pop-up box full of smileys by clicking the icon above this field where I am writing, and after I have chose one, such as this: 😊 , I then want to close the whole thing but I can't because When I click the " x " on the right of the menu bar, then it is "Objet" that gets selected, so the window won't shut. To do that, I need to wait until my message is complete and I click "Submit".
    As for closing this topic or not, well this is your place, I have nothing to say in that matter.
    So anyway thanks again for the very efficient help!🤗

  • Oh, to close it just click the same button you opened it with. I thought you meant the suggestions.

  • @sgunhouse Thank you! ☺

  • @genug Just doing a regular installation of Opera in a different drive would change only the installation place - where the executable files are - but not the place for profile and cache, that would remains in %appdata%, following the Windows policy.

  • @leocg 😟 So my Opera cache is still on the SSD C :? And there is absolutely no way I can manage to have Opera--the whole of it--on some D : hard drive?

  • @genug Nope, because you did a portable installation if I understood correctly. You can check in Menu > About Opera.

  • [Sorry I didn't read your answer before, that's because I failed to set my profile so as to be informed when someone takes part in the topic.]
    I don't think it did a portable installation. I've installed Opera before and I always follow the standard procedure.
    Here is what I get from About Opera:

    Installation : D:_Programmes persos\Opera
    Profil : C:\Users\ALAIN\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable
    Cache : C:\Users\ALAIN\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    Does this point to a portable installation?

  • @genug Nope, as you can see. In a portable installation, Opera should put the profile and cache folders in the same place as of the installation folder.

    Download the portable installer and install it.

  • Thank you.
    I just downloaded, but before I go further do you think there is any chance I could keep my cache and favorites which they are on C : right now and then copy them to the new directories once the portable Opera is on D : -- and in case I can, can you please tell me where the cache and favorites directories actually are on C :?
    If not, do you think Windows 10 can run two versions of Opera, one on C : and one on D :? I mean, that would buy me some time allowing me to reconstruct my favorites by opening the pages on the D : version and saving them there (tedious as it seems, it may be faster than importing the old Favorites if they come all mixed up).
    Thanks in advance!

  • @genug Just copy your current profile folder and paste it into the new one that will be created. The same for the cache.