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Questions about the newer (Blink-based) Opera

  • To begin, I've looked through the forum, and so far I haven't seen answers to the questions I have (I might just not have come across them, though). So here goes:

    1. The menu bar: where is it? Yes, there's the O; I want the bar. I want to see the bar. I want to see File/Edit/View/etc. Is it possible?
    2. Text for toolbar buttons rather than images: is this possible?
    3. Can I even edit the toolbar? I right-clicked on it and....nothing!
    4. Classic Windows theme where is it? I don't see it in preferences, nor in the themes.

    Granted, I was using Opera 21 in an XP VM so I wouldn't mess anything up in my Opera 12.17 install. But I can't believe that anything would be different in a real system.

    1. There is no menu bar

    2. Not that i know

    3. Not that i know

    4. They are for Opera Presto

    I was using Opera 21 in an XP VM so I wouldn't mess anything up in my Opera 12.17 install.

    One does not affect the other, you can have both installed on the same computer/system.

  • Thanks for the answer. Looks like I'll be sticking with 12.17. Sad, too, as I do love Opera. But I use a desktop and a laptop, not tablet or cell phone--and it looks like all the changes are for the latters' benefit at the expense of the former.

  • You can choose what's important for you. Opera 21 is faster, has the ability to access a wider ranger of sites, has innovative new features like the Speed Dial (with folders), Stash, the Discover feature, Off-Road Mode, and many others. Opera 21 can access and make use of a far wider range of extensions than Opera Presto ever could. I don't at all agree that Opera is focusing on tablet or cell phone, at the expense of Desktop. They are all related. If what you care about is the ability to configure your menu bar, and toolbar buttons, and to have exactly what you had before, then you need to stay with Opera 12.17. If you try to stretch a little, you may find that Opera 21 is more to your liking. A thought: you might want to download Opera 21, and run it and Opera 12.17. It can't bite you -- Opera 21. Opera is putting its energy now into developing Opera 21, not 12.17. There's no reason to feel sad though. Both browsers are available for you. Choices? Damn, it's a plus!

  • I don't at all agree that Opera is focusing on tablet or cell phone, at the expense of Desktop. They are all related.

    It's quite apparent - to everyone but you, it seems - that the desktop market is simply an afterthought these days. Most of the "features" they've implemented are geared towards touch-screen devices. And while Microsoft keeps trying to push it with Win8, most people still do not have touch-screens on their desktops (or laptops, for that matter). That is almost exclusively in the realm of tablets and so-called 'smart' phones. Ergo, it's not a stretch to claim that Opera ASA is disregarding the desktop market. And why not? They've only ever had 3% market share, and now it's even less than that. R.I.P. Opera.

  • I think all three markets feed each other. If Opera does well with its new Opera for Android or Coast for Ipad or Ipod, it sends customers to Desktop Opera, and if it does well in Desktop Opera, it semds customers to its mobile versions. It would make no sense to give short shrift to any of the areas. You're convinced, jito463 . . . Said another way, you've closed your mind on this. You don't like Desktop Opera, and from there you believe Opera has given up. Ha, I think it's doing great in Desktop Opera and with its mobile devices. I use it in the different areas -- desktop and mobile, because I find what Opera is doing better and more enjoyable for me than what the competition offers. And I am crazy about browsers. I have all of the main competitors on my desktop computer and on my tablets -- just to test them.

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