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Opera 53 has added unhideable greyed out extensions to toolbar

  • Updated to Opera 53.0.2907.37 today and now I have greyed out extensions on my toolbar that have been hidden before and now I can't hide them again since these are extension that have no options to hide them. The only way I can hide them is if I enable more extensions. This just adds a double arrow that I DO NOT want. It's bad enough I can't get rid of the annoying Instant Search pop up everytime I open Opera for the first time after an update, now I have to deal with ugly greyed out extensions that have no business being on my toolbar when they were NEVER there to begin with before Opera 53. Opera just keeps on getting worse and worse everytime there's an update. ☹

  • @slytheringirl What happens when you try to hide those extensions?

  • @leocg As I said above, there is no way I can hide them like I would with other extensions since there is no "hide from toolbar" option for them either on my extension list page or within the extensions' options. The only way I could get them to hide is if I add/enable more extensions. This brings up a double arrow0_1526099050794_f5402998-d1f1-4447-8e1d-4834703a5c10-image.png to the end of the toolbar. I really don't like having it there and wish there was some way I could have these greyed out extensions hidden like they were before without having the double arrow or at least have them get sent to the extensions bar which I can hide.

  • I can confirm this is happening here as of the Opera 53 update, too.

  • I have the same problem. Any idea?

  • @galaplacidia Found the solution! All you have to do is right click on the greyed out extension then click on Hide From Toolbar. That will hide the greyed out extensions with no hide from toolbar check box on the extensions page. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • @slytheringirl It works. Thanks.

  • @slytheringirl Thank you!

  • No prob, guys. ☺

  • The way it works in Chrome is you right-click the icon on the toolbar and choose "Hide in Chrome Menu". Then, when you open Chrome's menu, at the top, you'll see icons for all your hidden extensions. You can then drag them back to the toolbar or right-click them and choose "show in toolbar". It works great that way.

    For Opera, it lets you hide them with right-click, but then they disappear with no way to put the icons back short of uninstalling and installing the extension. (For extensions that don't implement the "hide from toolbar" option on the extensions page via the browser_action -> default_icon settings in the manifest file)

  • Hiding of extensions from toolbar is fixed problem with toolbar, but extensions that appears in address bar is now shows anytime on any website.

    In example "add to Opera" button in address bar (Install Chrome Extensions extension) appears everywhere.

    Same for RES and Extension source viewer


  • Yes this happened with first of 53 and now with the first update to 53 - stable!