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12 will play this; 21 will!

  • Please do not post only links when opening a topic/discussion, include at least a summary of the problem/wish/etc.

    Btw, not working here too.

  • It wont play in any of my Chrome derivitive browsers, Dragon, SrwareIron, and Opera 21 is a No Go, It does play in Ice Dragon and Firefox though, I think it has something to do with Flash, I get the Flash wanting to connect with Firefox and Ice Dragon says my ZoneAlarm Firewall, I get no Flash wanting to connect notification with my Chrome style Browsers.

  • same here just stays constatly trying to link. i hate the new browser

  • Nothing more on this ? Does it work with Chrome or is it just Chrome derivitive browsers it doesnt work on ? is a major streaming site, I'd like to know how other streaming sites do, I'll do some tests on my days off coming up and see how other streaming sites do, I'll update my Flash and Java and stuff too, although I may have the latest already, I'm pretty good at updating that stuff regularly.

  • You can get an extension, Open the Page in Internet Explorer or Open the Page in Firefox. Then just right click on the page in Opera, and get the other browser to open on the page. It should work that way. No big deal, but . . . I couldn't get it to work in the IE tab extensions (Opening an IE tab in Chrome/Opera). Not sure why, but you might try. I got a message that I had only IE6 and wouldn't see all of the features of the site, when I have IE 11 🙂

  • Does not work in SRWare Iron either FYI.

  • Works fine in Chrome 34.0.1847.131 on Win7 x64. I can confirm that it doesn't play in Opera 22.0.1471.8.

    In Chrome 34, I disabled Pepper Flash and enabled the regular flash plug-in. With the regular flash plug-in, it won't play for me.

  • Yes, it works in a freshly installed Chrome without changing any settings