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Want New Tabs to Open with Homepage

  • I recently installed version 12.18, because I wanted Opera with
    the Presto Engine.

    When opening a new tab I see Speed Dial. I'd like all new tabs
    to open with my selected homepage. I can't find anything under
    Settings > Preferences to change this feature.

    After performing a few Google searches, it seems like I have to
    edit an INI file or download an add-on. Not really sure. Can
    someone tell me how to change Opera so that all new tabs
    open with my homepage?

    Thanks guys.

  • @duck-n-cover Not sure if it was even possible at some point.

  • It was only ever possible with an extension.

  • It takes multiple steps. I'll post each step separately.

    First, you need to modify the ctrl + t keyboard shortcut. "Alt + P -> Advanced -> Shortcuts -> Opera Standard Keyboard Setup -> Edit". Type t ctrl in the search field. Change its command to:

    New page, 1 & Go to homepage

    Then you'll see that ctrl + t does what you want.

  • "Alt + P -> advanced -> shortcuts -> Opera Standard Mouse Setup -> Edit". Type in new in the search field. Edit the GestureDown command and set it to:

    Open link in new page | New page & Go to homepage
  • "Alt + p -> advanced -> toolbars -> Opera Standard Toolbar Setup". Duplicate it and then rename the duplicate to what you want.

    You can ok out of the preferences. Then, go to "Menu -> Help -> About Opera" and take note of the "profile" folder path. Then, using Windows Explorer go to that path and go into the "toolbar" folder. There you will see a toolbar ini file. Edit it with a text editor. If you see more than one, open each and look for the one with the Name= that has the name of your new toolbar.

    Under [Pagebar Floating.content], add this line.

    NamedButton0, tbb_NewPage=New page, 1 & Go to homepage

    Then, add a ';' before the old + button command to comment it out. Then save.

    Then, go back into preferences, select the "Opera Standard" toolbar setup, okay, go back in, select your toolbar setup and okay. That will load your changes and now the + button on the tab bar will do what you want.

    If you find any other new page commands in the toolbar ini file that you want to edit, you should get the idea.

  • "Alt + P -> Advanced -> toolbars". Duplicate the Menu setup this time and rename it what you want. You'll then find it in the "menu" folder in the profile folder.

    This time, under [Browser Tabs Menu], change the new page command to:

    Feature !Private, Item, MI_IDM_MENU_PAGEBAR_NEW_PAGE="New page, 1 & Go to homepage,,,"New item menu""

    (Notice the "& Go to webpage" part that's added.)

    Save your changes, go back into preferences, select the Opera Standard Menu setup, ok out, go back in and select your menu and okay out. Then, you'll see that Going to "Menu -> tabs and windows -> new tab" will do what you want.

    Again for other new page menu items in the file, you can change those if you want.

    In short though, that what you do.

  • If you ever need to go to the speed dial page then, you can enter opera:speeddial in the address field and press enter or bookmark that or add a Menu item somewhere etc.

  • I found this article about opening a new tab with several browsers
    (including Opera) to any selected webpage.

    Here are two add-ons that will open a new tab with your homepage or
    any URL.

    burnout426, I appreciate your step-by-step procedure. Obviously, installing
    an add-on is the way to go if they actually work.