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  • I have spent many hours configuring Opera 21 and reading through the entire help topics. I have not been able to find out how to save new bookmark entries/bookmark folders. I have spent endless amounts of time finding out how to do the simplest things -which basic things should require NO amount of time figure out how to do. "Saving" bookmarks is one of many things that I have spent inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out.

    Does anyone know how to save or backup new bookmark entries (NOT as a speeddial format) inside a bookmark FOLDER? Such as in standard .html format or a similar standard format?

    I am NOT talking about 'ADDING' new bookmark entries or folders or 'IMPORTING' new bookmark entries or folders: I know how to do these two things.

    My issue is simply with SAVING all of my bookmarks into a simple .html type file -which file I can always have stored on a flash drive or somewhere online -in the event my harddrive crashes and I have quick and easy access to the stored .html bookmarks either by way of flash drive or online (such as Gmail "Drive").

    Another scenario is that if I bought a new computer I would need to be able to 'save' all of my bookmarks and transport them to a flash drive.

    Once again, I have yet to see a way to be able to accomplish this very routine, basic, and easy task in Opera 21. In Opera 12 this was done EXTREMELY easily: By simply going to "manage bookmarks" and selecting "save bookmarks." There is no such option like this to be found in Opera 21.

  • First if you're concerned about transferring Opera bookmarks to another computer, you can just copy the bookmarks file in your profile to a flash drive and then copy it back to a version of Opera in the other computer. Or better yet, make a copy of your profile. That should make a transfer of Opera to a new computer relatively easy. Even if your hard drive crashes as long as you have the copy of the bookmarks file in your profile, or the profile itself in a flash drive, you should be in perfect shape to reinstall it in Opera in another computer.

    Still if for some reason you are fixed on wanting an html copy of your bookmarks (and I'm not sure why you need it), I don't think you can do it in Opera 21, that is, save your bookmarks to an HTML file. At least, I don't know how. However all is not lost for the creative of spirit :). My thought would be to have a version of the Chrome browser with no bookmarks in it. Then copy your Opera 21 bookmarks file to the bookmarks folder in Chrome.

    For Windows 7 users here are what probably are the critical locations (though please double check me on it).

    Chrome Bookmarks: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    Opera 20 Bookmarks: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    If the Chrome browser had bookmarks in it when you made the transfer you would just have some duplicate bookmarks.

    Now Chrome can export its bookmarks to an HTML file in a few easy steps. So here's a link on how to do it.

    It's a workaround, but I think it could 🙂 work, and should not be that difficult. The general idea is that you use the Chrome browser as a sort of piggyback to get this done.

  • Thanks for responding lem729.

    Once again, the reason that I would need a browser to be able to save bookmarks as an .html file is in the event that I need or want to switch from Opera to another browser (if I didn't want to use Opera as my browser any longer) or so that I could 'save' my bookmarks in the event that my hard drive crashed.

    Opera versions up to 15 or so had this capacity: You could readily and very easily save bookmarks as an "html" or an "adr" file.

    I always used to keep saved/backed up copies of Opera bookmarks (I have 953 bookmarks, currently) on a flash drive as well as online in "Gmail drive."

    I did try what you suggested: Importing Opera 21 bookmarks to Google Chrome. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Opera 21 bookmarks are not in html format, they are impossible to export to ANY browser -and I have tried about every browser that exists. Neither is there an option to "export import bookmarks from Opera" in ANY browser: Most browsers have only the options of "importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox." A few browsers I downloaded and installed had the option to 'import bookmarks from DEFAULT browser.' Even when Opera was set as my DEFAULT browser, the other browsers were not able to find or import bookmarks from Opera.

    So, for the time being, I have recently uninstalled Opera 21 and am using a different browser. I may never use Opera ever again -it had been my favorite browser for the past 8 years.

    Some other very moronic and 'glaring' weaknesses with Opera 21 is its inability to recognize certain 'plug-ins' and applications that are present on my laptop -which OTHER browsers readily detect; but for some reason Opera doesn't. Such as VLC player and other application/plug-ins as well. I have found no way -and am sure there isn't a way- to configure Opera to 'detect' these and other plug-ins.

    Previous versions of Opera had NO weaknesses and had NO trouble in customizing and setting certain plug-ins as 'default' or 'favorite' plug-ins to use.

    One of the few advantages -which are 'major' advantages- that Opera 21 has over previous versions of Opera is speed. Opera 21 is EXTRAORDINARILY-FAST -perhaps faster than any other browser- in terms of web-surfing. All prior versions of Opera -in my experience- have always been fast as well, faster than other browsers.

    However, in most other aspects Opera 21 is a step-backwards to the stone age: Much less options and functionality and intelligence in design -compared to prior versions of Opera. Scandinavians are overrated, intellectually. They aren't as intelligent as most people opine. The constant 'de-evolution' of Opera is one of many proofs of this. But then again, its' hard to find intelligence any more anywhere in society in any country.

  • When you say you tried importing into Chrome, did you copy the Opera 20 bookmarks file into the Chrome bookmarks folder? It shouldn't have to be in HTML (that's my understanding). They're in the same Chromium family. Others in this forum have described it and said it worked.

    See this thread!

  • Thank you for the tips exporting Opera bookmarks, the steps worked fine. 🙂

  • This add-on can help: It has export and import feature for bookmark. Imported bookmarks will be put in Bookmark bar folder.

  • My issue is not with transferring bookmarks. My issue is with how to create them in the first place! In previous versions of Opera Mini, this has never been a problem. But now I find no functionality for making bookmarks. In researching this issue, I encountered additional problems. I had to create an Opera account to ask my question. I chose to log in with Facebook. Even so, I STILL had to create a username and password to link my Facebook account to! What is the point of the login to Facebook option, then? Also, when I went to the FAQ to ask my question, I was rerouted to the wrong answer, on a different topic, something about videos! All in all, a very dissatisfying experience. Someone at Opera clearly never heard the expression, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Opera Mini used to be one of my favorite browsers. Not anymore. I had the option of replacing my older version of Opera Mini with this new one. I'm SO glad I didn't! Going forward, it won't take a genius to figure out which version I'll be using most often. Please fix this! Thank you.

  • About Mini, please proceed here.
    Considering creating accounts, it might be here (if it's not a forums only feature - if it is, it'll be "Forum feedback").

  • Its now a year later, but I understand what hayateeli said. My opinion is Opera 12 to 15 versions were among the best.
    I understand internet sites are constantly changing their structure and code, but things are definitely worse now. I've seen so many changes since the advent of internet and the many changes...I started when BBS was the way to communicate with others electronically!
    I just wish we could have a stable, reliable and more permanent browser experience...and when you get something right..stay with it.

  • I completely agree with scrabbleroad here. I started out with Opera in 1996, while reading something in PC Magazine, about this wondrous internet browser from Europe. So I climbed on board, and have used it as my primary browser ever since. From version 2 to either 5 or 6(I've forgotten) I happily laid down the $30 for each major upgrade.
    Suddenly, without much fanfare, I was faced into a new Google based architecture, and my favorite one was placed on "also ran" status. So I did bite the bullet and am using both.

    But now I am putting my old upstairs computer out to pasture, and need to transfer all of my bookmarks to my new one down in my basement shop. I've been through this new Opera, in search of a way to save my bookmarks on a USB device, and then transfer it to my new computer. Well, good luck on that one. I'm still pulling my hair out, and believe me at 72 I don't have much hair to spare.

    What you guys have here is a camel. And as the saying goes, "A camel is a horse, made by committee". This entire process has been one huge Cluster Foxtrot after another, with something that would do any bureaucrat proud. So, here's what I am going to do. I'm going to move my Firefox browser from my backup browser to my primary one. And after all these years(19+) I am relegating Opera to the back of the bus.

    One other little thing. I'm one of the very people who actually paid for the privilege of owning and operating the early Operas. I put my money where my mouth was. And It was those, such as myself, who made this browser such a joy to use. My point is that when any business fails to treat their original customers/followers as the most important entities they have, that is when that business is on the long slide into failure.

    If you want to REALLY, REALLY be appreciated by one and all, I suggest some good old fashioned common sense, and "what if I was in this position" thinking. And before you all scoff and tell me to "go home old man", it is an attitude like that which will never serve you well in the future.

    Color me totally frustrated and fed up.